Thank you M’am 

By Langston Hughes 

This found pome was created with the words in Thank you M’am by Langston Hughes. In the story Roger, who does not have a home and had tried to steal from a woman. The woman did not get mad on him instead she takes he home and tried to teach he from wrong to right. Evidence prove that the woman did it, there was a chance where the boy could run away, and here is the internal conflict, that the boy could hardly deiced should he run or stay. At last, he deiced to stay and do the things the woman ask him to do, because he wants the trust of the woman and this is the internal conflict in the passage. Which the boy has many thinking inside his mind and he is tiring to deiced what he should do in that situation of “good” or “bad.”  


I use only white on the drawing because it can show the empty emotion of the boy.