In this project we make a design to predict food waste. My design in this project is trying to solve the problem of food is cold and pizza’s cheese is not melt, and the design I make is a heat gun, it could help to warn up the cold food by the light on the head. The hole body of the gun is a battery to provide the huge amount of battery it needs to make the light on.

In this project I had learn a useful skill, its called expand view, it can make the design more visible to people and it is easy for people to know how it work, and I learn this while I am planning the draft of my project, and Mr.Layman teach me how does it work.

The biggest success I had is that I had made a trigger for my gun, because when I try to make it, I have no idea about how to make it, but after trying, and extra planning, I made it, and it work.

I would like to change the project’s body more smaller, because my mean idea is easy for people to heat up their food (do not need to go to a microwave), but the final project is way too big to be convenient to carry at all the time, and I also would like to make a safety shell to the project, because the temperature will be very high, and if you put in a bag and the switch had  turn on accidentally than that would be dangerous.


Picture below is my project.