《WORLD WITH OU FISH》by Mark Kurlansky is about what could influence to fish extinct. This book talk about the world with out fish in many form, there are both information and  cartoon to let us know the things will happen if fish disappear, and in this book it mentioned many things would led to this happens. Also the author of the book is trying to tell people stop doing somethings to stop hurting/killing them. As the book goes on it would give as more and more information about the world with out fish, and cartoon would would help you to understand better how bad is that situation by using picture at every end of the book.


The first central idea I had met in this book would be: Fish are dying out, because of many different reasons. And this note below would shows my thinking “Fish are dying out, because of many different reasons”

As I keep on reading the book, I could see more and more reasons why fish are dying out are popped out, and all of this support the central idea had agin and agin, on the same time, this all of evidence make me thought, what would be the solution to it and I thought, the solution would be everyone notice the problem going on, because overfishing, pollution, global warming, are all could not solve by a person, and I think this is why the author decide to write this book.

In lesson 9, we are asked to make a web for cause and effect chart, and after I had done that, the chart I made makes me know what is going on to fish, and the ocean better.

In lesson 10 “Re-read lesson” I had Re-read some part of the book that I had thought it would be important to the book, like the accurate numbers and the detail of pollution. As I am Re-reading the book I had specially read about chapter 9, which is about pollution, and I could see how is human are actually pollute ocean, and I am able to be aware of those cause.


This is all of this book’s blog, if you feel interesting about why fish are dying out and why that would be important, you could go to found the book 《WORLD WITHOUT FISH》by Mark Kurlansky