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In this project we make a design to predict food waste. My design in this project is trying to solve the problem of food is cold and pizza’s cheese is not melt, and the design I make is a heat gun, it could help to warn up the cold food by the light on the head. The hole body of the gun is a battery to provide the huge amount of battery it needs to make the light on.

In this project I had learn a useful skill, its called expand view, it can make the design more visible to people and it is easy for people to know how it work, and I learn this while I am planning the draft of my project, and Mr.Layman teach me how does it work.

The biggest success I had is that I had made a trigger for my gun, because when I try to make it, I have no idea about how to make it, but after trying, and extra planning, I made it, and it work.

I would like to change the project’s body more smaller, because my mean idea is easy for people to heat up their food (do not need to go to a microwave), but the final project is way too big to be convenient to carry at all the time, and I also would like to make a safety shell to the project, because the temperature will be very high, and if you put in a bag and the switch had  turn on accidentally than that would be dangerous.


Picture below is my project.


Found pome

Thank you M’am 

By Langston Hughes 

This found pome was created with the words in Thank you M’am by Langston Hughes. In the story Roger, who does not have a home and had tried to steal from a woman. The woman did not get mad on him instead she takes he home and tried to teach he from wrong to right. Evidence prove that the woman did it, there was a chance where the boy could run away, and here is the internal conflict, that the boy could hardly deiced should he run or stay. At last, he deiced to stay and do the things the woman ask him to do, because he wants the trust of the woman and this is the internal conflict in the passage. Which the boy has many thinking inside his mind and he is tiring to deiced what he should do in that situation of “good” or “bad.”  


I use only white on the drawing because it can show the empty emotion of the boy. 

Product Design Project: A4 Leather Make Reflect

How does your final project solve your initial problem?

My final projectIt does not have the effect when I imagined it. It has a good effect when I place it on the head of the bed, but when I put the Ipad in it, the product will be stretched, causing the items inside to fall out easily, but when no one touch it or if you put something under it, it could be use as normally.


What skill had you learned or improved on over this course of this project

In this time of working, I had learned and improved on the technique of sewing. In the making, I had used a sewing machine and hand sewing with needles and threads. In many parts of the products I made, I had to use sewing to do.


My problem to solve

Many of my electronic products, like mobile phones, computers, and iPad, when I am going to sleep at night, I will habitually put them next to the bed, and this leads to the fact that when I get up the next morning, I will I found that one of my electronic products is on the ground, sometimes the screen will break.

So I want to make a wall-mounted bag that can hold my electronic products, so that I can put the electronic products in it at night, making it more convenient for me. Considering the size of the leather, I am going to make a bag the size of an iPad

link of the photo :

My Photographic Project

My Photographic project

The picture above is my odor detection monitor, its appearance is inspired by changing the appearance of the mini arcade game console. There are three object on the front, namely the main screen, the switch button and the start button. First, let me explain the function of the main screen. The main screen will display the source and its name of the smell that detected by this machine. The second is the switch button. You can see two arrows pointing in different directions on both sides of the machine. This is the switch button. Because this machine has a save function, it can save up to 99 scent sources and names at the same time, so when you want to see other saved scents, you can use the switch button to switch left and right to find a previously recorded scent. The last thing that appears in the front is the start button. First of all, it has the function of turning on. When it is off, you can turn it on by long pressing. After turning on it, you can tap it to start detecting odors. When you tap it again, it will display the detected odors on the main screen. Of course, it also has the function of shutting down. Just like starting up, when it is turned on, long press the start button, it will switch to standby mode and will not continue to consume power.

The picture above is the back of this machine. It can be seen that it has a tiny strip-shaped opening on the back. It has the function of inhaling the smell into the machine. After inhaling, the inside of the machine will start to analyze the source of the smell and compare it with the database. Finally, the pictures and images in the database are uploaded to the home screen.

There is an opening directly above this machine, which has two main functions. The first one is charging. On the main screen of this machine, there will be the remaining power of the machine. When the color of the power changes to red, it means that the power of the machine is very low,and you need to charge in time, you can charge it below. Its second function is to insert a dedicated US, the picture below shows the appearance of a dedicated USB

The USB can be used as an export record, that is, when you run out of 99 storage spaces, you need to add some space so that you can continue to use the unit. The generated images and smell names can be used as a computer or any collection of computers. Of course, in the electronic device, if it is no longer needed, it can be deleted directly.

The picture below is what it looks like when charging / updating data

The picture below is my source of inspiration


A Virtual Trip to Mt. Fuji

As a 7th grade student, my second semester choice was Product Design. Our first assignment was to build a Lightbox. Using Adobe Illustrator, pencil and paper, and a laser cutter, I was able to construct a Lightbox (as you can see below). I created this project because I have been to Japan before, a place I dearly enjoyed. Since Mt. Fuji was one of the places I have been during my trip, I thoroughly enjoyed this particular location. As a result, I chose it for my Lightbox.

Throughout this project, I came to difficulty on downloading Adobe Illustrator. Fortunately, our product design teacher, Mr. Layman, came to my assist and I was able to successfully download the application with this help.

This picture below was one of my first attempts on making the layers of my Lightbox.

A couple weeks later I have finished assembling the Lightbox with the help of my peers and teachers.

At the end of the project, I felt this was a fun and challenging project; I was a complete novice at Adobe Illustrator at the beginning. Now, I feel proud of my project and I love it!


essay reflection

  1. I think i did well on founding reasons and point them out in my essay.
  2. I want to improve on the conclusion which I don’t has lot of time work on it because i spend time on searching
  3. I agree Ms.Rivera
  4. the most challenge for me is that founding good reasons, cause not all article is what i want.

Percy Jackson Informational Blog


In the book Percy is a trouble kid in his school, and he do many things that make he in trouble, and often happen things that not going well for Percy and those things often small things that don’t matter a lot, but Percy’s emotion is too irritability the evident for Percy get mad for small things is that in page 3 Percy says” I’m going to kill her.” just because if she made Percy embarrass or feel bad. I think Percy could try to not being irritability when she is trying to make Percy in trouble and try to ignore what she says. 


I think that Percy is confuse at chapter 5, one example is that he doesn’t know what half-blood camp is, and he is confused with why people went there and what happen at there, another example is  when Percy got to known gods and goddesses are living in American he can’t believe that, that shows Percy is shock and confuse. 

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