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Found pome

Thank you M’am 

By Langston Hughes 

This found pome was created with the words in Thank you M’am by Langston Hughes. In the story Roger, who does not have a home and had tried to steal from a woman. The woman did not get mad on him instead she takes he home and tried to teach he from wrong to right. Evidence prove that the woman did it, there was a chance where the boy could run away, and here is the internal conflict, that the boy could hardly deiced should he run or stay. At last, he deiced to stay and do the things the woman ask him to do, because he wants the trust of the woman and this is the internal conflict in the passage. Which the boy has many thinking inside his mind and he is tiring to deiced what he should do in that situation of “good” or “bad.”  


I use only white on the drawing because it can show the empty emotion of the boy. 

essay reflection

  1. I think i did well on founding reasons and point them out in my essay.
  2. I want to improve on the conclusion which I don’t has lot of time work on it because i spend time on searching
  3. I agree Ms.Rivera
  4. the most challenge for me is that founding good reasons, cause not all article is what i want.

Percy Jackson Informational Blog


In the book Percy is a trouble kid in his school, and he do many things that make he in trouble, and often happen things that not going well for Percy and those things often small things that don’t matter a lot, but Percy’s emotion is too irritability the evident for Percy get mad for small things is that in page 3 Percy says” I’m going to kill her.” just because if she made Percy embarrass or feel bad. I think Percy could try to not being irritability when she is trying to make Percy in trouble and try to ignore what she says. 


I think that Percy is confuse at chapter 5, one example is that he doesn’t know what half-blood camp is, and he is confused with why people went there and what happen at there, another example is  when Percy got to known gods and goddesses are living in American he can’t believe that, that shows Percy is shock and confuse. 

My project

Here is an audio recording of why I made this for my project



Here is how it look like when I play



And here is the rule of my game

How to play: 




The goal  

There is the bad guy in the players, so the goal for the bad guy exits the house, and make other can not get out, and the player that has the key needs to stay at the exit until all are out. 


What you need to do 

       Players first draw a player card and there are two lines of numbers, one line is IQ one is speed, and each line had 1 to 4 four numbers so there are eight numbers and each gets six points, and you can point it to the two-line, for example, I use 2 points for my IQ and 4 points for my speed, and what it does is the speed decided how long I walk each round, for example, if my speed is 4 then I got 4 dices to roll and the dice has two sides of 1 two sides of 2 two side of 0 if I role 0,0,0,0 than I can’t move if I role 1,2,1,0 than 1+1+2+0=4 I can move 4 steps. And if I move to an area that doesn’t has map card than I draw a map card, For map card, there is normally one which it doesn’t have anything, and special one, if there is a kind of circle on the map than that is a special card where you can draw an items card, or if there are a desk and book than you need to see how many IQ points do you have if you have 2 points for IQ than you role two dices if it is 3+ then you get a special items card. And the items cards there are the flashlight, hand, book, potion and green key, flashlight: you can draw a map card and put it on an area that doesn’t have a map card yet (you stay on the same map card). Hand: you can take an item of others. Book: when you use you can’t move for next round but your IQ +1. Potion: when you use you can’t move for the next round but your speed+1, green key: you can use the green key to open the green chest to get the red key. Red key: you can use the green key to open the green chest to get the blue key. you can use the green key to open the exit door. The special items are a super flashlight and super potion, super flashlight: you can draw two map cards and put it on area that around you and doesn’t have a map card yet (you stay at the same map card). Super potion: you can move 8 steps for 5 rounds. 

I am from pome by Andy Wei

This is Andy Wei’s “I am from” pome.

© 2021 Andy

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