Grace and I made this game in design class, the game is called Plinko and how it works is that you drop 5 marbles down the tubes and it will land in the point boxes and you will get the point written on the box. Also, if your ball stops at one of the platforms, you get the point written below. if the ball gets stuck, you don’t get any points.

My biggest challenge was to make the obstacle very stable but not adding very much hot glue in them because Mr. Layman told us not to waste hot glue so that was a problem because not adding very much.

My biggest success was making the stop platforms because I think that made our game more fun. Also, adding the blue part made our game look much more better and not use paint whick could possibaly ruin our game.

Skills that I learned is that you can not use paint and still make it look good. also, you can not use so much hot glue and still make the arcade stable and not fall.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to not put that much tape because the tape kinda made our game heavier and when adding the thing to hold the game, it was harder

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