Our project’s goal is to make a cup insulator that will reduce the amount of heat loss for a cup with hot water in the insulator that we made. Our insulators name is scissoreienes and how it works is you pour hot water into your cup, then you just use scissoreienes to drink. you should buy scissoreienes because it had velcro so you can take it easily off. Our original design did not include the velcro but we added it later. we didn’t add it before because our group didn’t know that it had to come off of the cup for other people to use. I am proud scissoreienes because it worked really well.(the tempuature only dropped 10.3celsius). scissoreienes was kinda a success because after the experiment, the glue on the cap melted and it looked really disgusting.  The hardest thing about this project was choosing what materials to put on, because of that we ended up changing the final prototype a munch of times. Overall, i think our design was good but there was still alot of things that we could improve on. Also, i think that we could have more time because our group wanted to add more things but we had no more time left.