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Our Stories Makes History Final Project

During the project, Our Stories Makes History, we made and wrote things that we were going through while being stuck at home during COVID 19 times. We not just learned about the world right now but also learned how to find a reliable source and how to tell if one source is reliable or not reliable to use. On the PowerPoint, I put in multiple small projects including the picture collage, the timeline, the 6-word memoirs, three journal entries and more. I put each small project in chronicle order(from the time I first got here in Macau to all the way now) so then it would make the ppt look easier to understand because sometimes I look at a PowerPoint and even though the text was perfectly clear, it was in a very messy order which made me confused so I don’t want the same thing to happen on my PowerPoint. This primary source may be useful to others because having one more journal entry about our own experiences during COVID 19 means learning a bit more about what happened during this period of time and the feelings and things they did during this time. The thing that I’m most proud of is the 6 Word Memoirs​ because even though it only has six words to it, I used a lot of my time and effort to make it the way I liked it and also until I was satisfied with my own work. One challenge for me was writing the daily journals because even though you can basically write nothing you want that was related with your day, I still found it very frustrating since somedays I just didn’t feel like writing but I was basically made to write something that I didn’t want to do. That kind of causes that days journal entries to be low quality since I didn’t really try my best.


  1. I liked how you wrote a paragraph about the things you did and how you were being honest about some parts.
    I have a connection to you about the fact that during this time period we learned a lot about things going on around the world.
    The way you said and was being honest about your work is really nice, since you were talking about what you actually did in your work and how you did it.

  2. I like your PowerPoint because I can see you did it for a long time and I like how you wrote it. I also like how you did your work, and I also think you did pretty good on finding the reliable source.

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