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Lightbox Reflection

In this product design class, It was e-Learning at the beggining and we had to plan a lot of things at home and the place I chose is Hawaii. I chose the beach because beach makes me remember of Hawaii.

I think I have learned a lot of things in this product design class. I have especially how to use Adobe Illustrator. I have learned things that I didn’t know before like using wood to make places that are very important to us. Working with Adobe is also very fun because I didn’t know how to use it before and turning the wood into 3D shapes. We had to make a plan at the very beggining to draw it out on the paper and color it on, but on the paper, we also have to do it with different layers so it can look very similar to the wood project at last. I also learned how to make the shape go out like the coconut tree and also learned how to let it carve in the wood like the sun and the flower.

I also learned about acrylic paint, for example, the paint can’t be too much because if it goes out of the sides of the wood, the space won’t fit into the box. It was very fun dry fitting the LED light inside the box to make the perfect light we want in the box. We would add more water to help the paint not get too much on the edge of the wood peices. Sometimes when I think the light is too long and I don’t need that much, I can also cut off the end of the light which also makes the space perfect in the box. Some parts we had to super blue them to make them more strong and some parts we had to hot glue and also wood glue some of the wood pieces together.

If I were to change somethings, I would make the spacing of the coconut tree and the flower better because now, it doesn’t look very straight and when you look t it at the top, there is space where there is not supposed to be.

At last, we put everything together and put the light on to see if everything works.

Basket Shooting Arcade

For my 6 grade design class, I made a shooting cardboard arcade. Players try to shoot a ping pong ball from the shooter we made and try to get the ball in any of those hoops (The shooter can move to any direction).


One thing I learned from the arcade project is not wasting things and still making better projects. For example, when we used hot glue, we covered the whole line and then sticked it. But instead, we could just glue the corners and stick them which uses much less glue and is very stable.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is making the shooting thing a little closer and let the ball fly a little lower because in the arcade, a lot of fourth graders thought that it was too hard because they always missed it short and high.

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