I once crashed into a mountain when I'm Elytra-Gliding in Minecraft, so maybe my name should be "Mountain Crasher".

Percy Jackson Analyzation

Percy Jackson has some behavioral issues, but that wasn’t completely his fault, with his ADHD affecting his behavior. However, that does not mean he cannot improve, and he does have some positive influences in his life to help him deal with the stress and make him feel better.  

ADHD impacts Percy’s behavior greatly, as he fidgets, and he tends to blurt things out without thinking. In Percy’s case, fidgeting can be a bad idea, since he can touch the wrong things at the wrong time, leading to disastrous results. A few examples are when he “had an accident with a Revolutionary War cannon”, or the time he “hit the wrong lever on the catwalk”, both examples stated on page 2. Field trips for him can be rather hard, especially when Nancy Bobofit is around. On page 3, when Nancy was being exceptionally distracting, he blurted “will you shut up?!”, which is not only an example of his blurting, but also an example of him “getting easily distracted” because of his ADHD, as it states in Neurodiversity: A different view of ADHD. Even though usually Percy is distracted in school, he was trying to focus when Nancy was being annoying, mostly because he’s interested in the subject being lectured. Mr. Brunner was talking about Ancient Greek stuff, and earlier in the book Percy had stated “he was the only teacher whose class didn’t put me to sleep”. People with ADHD have something called a “diffused attention style”, which means they can focus on many things at once. Even then, it‘s still possible for them to “focus when something interests them”, as stated in Neurodiversity. As it looks like Percy’s interested in Ancient Greek things, a way he might be able to become more focused in class is for the other teachers to try and include instances of Ancient Greece in their classes and subjects, giving Percy a reason to focus. ADHD people “does well in stimulating environments, meaning they like to be outside and moving their body”. Mr. Brunner “lets them play games in class”, and that provides him with a stimulating environment where he can move around. So even though his ADHD tends to make him fidget and blurt things out, there are still ways for him to improve his behavior. 

Percy had some positive relationships with the people around him, and he especially needed these, since he was surrounded by “troubled kids”, but also teachers that hate him. Some positive relationships he had was Grover, and Mr. Brunner and his mom. Good friends can make a lot of difference to people’s lives, like helping them deal with stress or making them feel happier. One example was on page 3, when Nancy was throwing her lunch at Grover. Grover had tried to calm him downbut even though Percy didn’t calm down completely, he did not attack Nancy Bobofit either. In Why Personal Relationships Are Important, the article mentioned that “the support offered by a caring friend can help one deal with the effects of stress”. Having a “redheaded kleptomaniac” throwing peanut butter at your friend can create some serious stress, especially in his current situation, with him on probation. Mr. Brunner also helped. In Having Good Friends Can Improve Our Wellbeing, Especially During the Holidays, an article posted by the Washington Post, experts mentioned that “friendships can help reduce stress, increase happiness, and bolster self-confidence. In an environment where most people hated Percy, Mr. Brunner believed in Percy and that he can do well, as Percy states on page 7 that “he expected me to be better than everyone else”. On page 9, Percy said that “I so wanted to jump on a taxi and head home”. If Grover and Mr. Brunner were not at Yancy, he would have ditched a long time ago. Grover and Mr. Brunner supported Percy in his year at Yancy Academy, and when Percy was about to leave, he said “there will be things I’ll miss at Yancy”, despite of the attitude of his other peers. 

Percy’s behavior was affected by his ADHD, but there are ways he can improve. Meanwhile, Grover and Mr. Brunner provided him with some positive relationships while he was at Yancy Academy and helped him with stress. They also helped him feel better, with some positive influence in his life. 

Captain Noodlehead (by Annie)

Summary/Blurb: This is a story about planets. There’s Planet Foodini, Planet Meowmere and Planet Ratatta. Captain Noodlehead is a part-time superhero on Planet Foodini, and one day he and his sidekick Milky discovers Planet Ratatta’s plan to invade Planet Foodini and enslave all food…

Polar Regions Thinglink – Science

So I’m going to answer some reflection questions here:

  1. What is your biggest take away from grade 6 science? I’m not sure, really… maybe the Energy unit, because I think the energy transferring is cool, and yeah.
  2. If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say?  How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations? I think I’m okay with all three of those things.
  3.  What would you like to work on for next year in science?  Getting better at making stuff (the cup insulator design isn’t really that good).

“Choose Your Own Reading Adventure” Final Project

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Setting Mood How it affects the story
The Orphanage Boring (? Anyways, Voldemort hates this place), maybe trapped? I think Voldemort might hate muggles because if the dad didn’t leave the mom he might not have to go to the Orphanage at all. So maybe he thinks they’re selfish or something.
Privet Drive Dislike (I think Harry mostly don’t like the Dursleys, so most of the disliking-ness goes to them.) This is like Harry’s version of the Orphanage; he likes Hogwarts way better. If Voldemort never killed his parents then he might have lived with them instead; he lost an entire life (technically) because of Voldemort, and that thought (if he ever had it) would make him want to defeat Voldemort more.
Hogwarts Happy (this is the first place both Harry and Voldemort has ever been happy in) If Voldemort hadn’t felt such a strong tie to this place then he might’ve chosen some other objects as Horcruxes, and then they’ll have to hunt down some other objects and it might be harder to predict what objects are Horcruxes.
The Cave Alert, Danger, maybe fear This is the place a Horcrux is (was) hidden; this shows that Voldemort puts his Horcruxes in places he feels (somewhat) attached to. I mean, he terrorized several kids down here.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Setting Mood How it affects the story
The Tent (Do that count?) Safety The tent is the thing that provides shelter when they’re on the run; it made it more or less easier.
Hogwarts Danger, death, grief (because people died)(before Harry turned himself in), and happiness (after Voldemort died) This is the place where the final battle is fought (the climax), and where the story ends. I know usually it is in a (fairly) happy mood, but the only time Harry had been in here (in this book) is when the battle is fought, so…

For this unit I decided to read the last two books of the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I think these two books are the near-climax parts of the story (and the Order Of The Phoenix, but I didn’t have time to read that), and I especially like the Deathly Hallows because there’s a lot of action (I don’t know why but the Battle Of Hogwarts part made me laugh). It’s genius how a castle can put up so many defenses. I tried to convey the moods in the pictures (up there), but I think Privet Drive is too colorful. The Orphanage is grey enough though. Credits to for the text in the pictures (I have to find something see-able so I can’t draw it or else it would just blend in). I never really thought about this kind of stuff before when I read. I just make predictions or try to figure out who’s my favorite character. Visualizing the scenes help though. I mean, the Orphanage is grey and grey basically means boring. It looks like a jail before I added the grass and the car. That’s what the mood is, right? Trapped? I won’t be want to go back there if I lived there for 11 years. The sunlight in the first Hogwarts picture makes me feel sunny, so I guess that’s kind of like happy? Privet Drive is way to colorful but then again Harry just probably don’t like the Dursleys… but it’s too muggle anyways. I made the tent glow to indicate safety, because that’s what the mood is supposed to be. I’m not sure about the Cave though… I combined the pictures with the charts and it helps me understand the places a bit more.











The reflection’s in the presentation. It’s quite a big presentation and there’s a lot of text (especially at the last part, where I made the reflection), so it might take a while to load. Also for the performance/project page I just put a link to the blog post (the animation’s interactive), so you can just stay on the blog, find it, and skip that page.

Humanities Project: CoronaVirus VS Stickman – Animation

This is an animation about a battle between a CoronaVirus thing and a stickman. The effects are weird, dramatic and also there’s music.

The virus’s first appearance

This is one of my favorite scenes in the animation.

This is the “battle banner”, which appears before the virus and tells you the main content of this animation.

(Hint: when you’re watching it, press space).

Here’s the animation.

Don’t forget to watch the credits!

Wait for it to load.

Early Humans And Us Project

So basically I did this timeline on the History Of Our Methods Of Transportation and made a ThingLink. What went well: My infographic looks good. What didn’t go well: I keep changing my research question and in the end I rushed it. What might I change: Basically everything, because my first research questions did NOT go so well.


Homo Sapiens- “Wise Man”


We’re supposed to write a paragraph about a kind of Hominids and I wrote about Homo Sapiens. Here’s the paragraph.

You know what’s Homo Sapiens? WE are Homo Sapiens, AKA Wise Man. They have clothing and tools and art, just like us. The clothing and the tools are the most important part to their survival, because the tools can be many things: Weapons, crafting tools, furniture, etc. There really is no right way to use a tool; it’s really just some of the ways you can use them. Even if you use them in stupid ways, it’s still a way. The clothing’s really important too. Nobody wants to be outdoors in winter wearing nothing. Also it can provide a little bit of protection from stuff like mosquitos and bugs. All in all, they’re not stupid.

The Land of Ultimate STUFF


You might wonder why I used “I am from the setting sun” so much, and that’s because every day is different, so I want to put all my observations in here.

The picture with the title is the first part of the poem. The pictures are arranged a bit weirdly though…

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