Percy needs help!

Percy needs help now! His attitude toward school is just awful, and he has no self-confidence at all. He doesn’t think that he is worth anything and has just given up. This is horrible! How are we going to help him? He doesn’t believe in himself and has low self-esteem.


Firstly, I am going to talk to you about how Percy doesn’t think that he is worth all of the trouble and he just doesn’t feel confident. He thinks he is a bad student just because he is dyslexic. To be honest, being dyslexic doesn’t define you and you shouldn’t let the negative thoughts get to you  Being dyslexic doesn’t mean that you’re not a good student. As long as you are trying and pushing yourself to get better every time then that doesn’t mean that you are a bad student. As a student, I have also experienced times when I just didn’t think that I was good enough but I understand that there are people that care about me and so now I’m going to help Percy understand that he also has people that care about him. Percy has his own talents and his own strengths and weaknesses. Later on, in the book, it shows that he is very loyal and there are a few examples of this at the beginning of the book. For example, “I got into more fights with Nancy Bobofit and her friends. I was sent out into the hallway in almost every class.” This shows that he was sticking up for Grover, even if it meant that he would be sent out of class and even kicked out of school. If Percy tried a different approach to learning that suits himself more, that may help improve how he thinks about himself and show that he can do very well.


Now I am going to talk about the fact that he doesn’t have a good attitude towards school and his study habits. As a student myself I know that a good mindset always helps me succeed when working towards a goal. Because Percy isn’t very confident, he doesn’t have a positive attitude. In the article, How to Focus on Studying, it states that “Negative thoughts make studying all but impossible.” I find that Percy believes that he just can’t do it but instead maybe he should be thinking, I can’t do it now, but I will try to do it by… This way he has a positive mindset. Another example is, “Some people frequently feel the need to be doing something physically.” This shows and connects to the fact that he has ADHD and he can’t focus. This also shows that he should try a different way of learning.


In conclusion, Percy has many abilities and he has to learn to work with them instead of fighting against them. I can relate to how he feels because I have also felt unworthy and fight against the positives. Percy should think about all the things he cares about, but not doing it for them. Instead, he should be doing this for himself.

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Science project

this is my Thinglink:

My biggest takeaway from 6th-grade science is the energy unit.

I think I have learned how to draw models and graph a lot better during this year.

I would like to learn more about chemical reactions.

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End of year reflection

when I started middle school I was most excited to meet new friends because that is a really fun thing to do. when I began sixth grade, I was worried about not having many friends I overcame these worries by believing in myself and I soon realized that I had made a few new friends!

one highlight of the year was making the trip because it was really fun! Another highlight was making new friends. I consider this a highlight because it was a good feeling.

One challenge I faced was COVID-19. I confronted this challenge by coming back to school. Another challenge I faced was some of the work. Before eLearning, I was unorganized. E-learning helped me grow by becoming more independent. Now, I am stronger than before. I am most proud of myself for working hard because COVID-19 has been really hard. If I could do sixth grade over again, I would work harder because I learned to work for what I get.



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Performance project

This is my performance project and it is about how life if like during the Carona virus. The raindrops are my feelings and the green cloudy mist is the virus going person to person, the room is grey when it used to be bright yellow means how all the fun from the room has drained out and now is just lonely and not as lively as before.

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Our favorites

This book was my favorite book in elementary school because it relates friendship and how important friends are. This book is basically about how this girl doesn’t have anything to do during vacation time and so all her friends help out and she was able to go on vacation with her friend.

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Mini Beach Ball Game Reflection!!!!!

In our design class we where making cardboard arcade games for a class of fourth-graders. The game that my partner and I created is called Mini Beach Ball Game!!! Basically, you launch the ping pong ball into the hoops using a launcher, and you see how many points you can get in five tries.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is that I would put the hoops in different spots because the fourth-graders had some trouble-shooting in the 20 points hoop. Als the highest hoop for 30 points was a lot harder than the other hoops because the resistance in the rubber band wasn’t as high as when we were making the game, so the ball wasn’t launched high enough to reach the hoop.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to not play their cardboard arcade game too much before the fourth graders play the game because the games are made of cardboard and are easy to break.

My biggest obstacle was that the rubber band on the launcher didn’t have enough resistance which caused the ball not to be able to launch up into the hoops.


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I am from poem


By: Ashley

I am from pointe shoes,
From crayons to stories.

From plies to pirouettes, making me feel grateful.


I am from laughter and the smell of soup, filling the house with warmth, happiness, and sweetness.

I am from strawberry plants,

Dancing in rhythm with the wind.


I am from playing dress-up with my sister Stephanie,

From costumes and colorful bows.


I am from giant’s hands, cuddling me closely.


I am from Fung’s and Liu’s, helping me find who I am.

From the mother who loves her phone,

And from the father who is full of such kindness, you cannot describe.


I am from such a gigantic family the noise can make your head explode.


I am from calm and stern,

And from love to care, guiding me and helping me feel better, even when it feels pointless.


I am from soup and rice, sometimes bitter sometimes rich.

From cake on my face,

From my first birthday dumping cake on my face.



I am from those moments,

Laughter, soup, strawberry plants, costumes, bows, noise, cake, rice and more.


From family, love to myself.

I am from my heart, soul and who I am.

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water filter project



The materials that I used are fabric, screening, rocks, a plastic bottle, a cup, and a tube. The problem we were trying to solve was that the water is very dirty and its the only water source. You are very thirsty and you need water. So we build a tool to help you clean the water. Engineering is important because engineering is when you build things. Humans need these things to help them live. That is why engineering is so important. The challenge we had was that we had very little materials and some ran out. So we had limited amounts of materials and that made it more challenging. I chose this design because it had many layers which would help stop the sand, dirt, mud… My design wasn’t as successful as I imagined. If I had more time, and materials I would add more layers to clean the water even more.

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I am…


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