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Early Humans and Us

In Humanities, we have been working on a social studies project about early humans and us. This Thinglink links us back to our early ancestors, Homo Habilis, all the way to Homo Sapiens, who we are today! I chose Technology out of the 3 topics, (including community and diet) and my main idea was Stone age tools. After hours of research, I finally completed this project. I hope you enjoy it!

The Great Gray Cup Insulator

inside of the insulator

paper prototype success

paper prototype fail


actual prototype



This great gray cup insulator is a design that traps the heat inside the cup and it also helps keep the water in your cup stay warm! To use it, wrap the cup with the gray cup insulator, (the side with the circle goes underneath to warm up the bottom of the cup) then put on the cap.  Our group and I also designed a hole in the cap for a thermometer to go though. (To test the temperature) I am very proud that we only reduced 10.3ºC. What I would change is to wrap the cap using 2 more layers of material because we didn’t have time to cut and glue on more layers. The hardest thing about this project is that we have to work out the dimensions and make sure that it fits the cup.

Metaphor Map – Ashley’s Island

My plain is a good book, because reading has no worries.

My mountain is taking classes, because they are super hard to reach the top.

My valley is learning piano, because they have ups and downs.

My river is school, because I’m sometimes lost and swimming against the tide.

My volcano is my fears and worries, because they are always ready to burst.

My oasis is my family and my home, because they give me comfort.

My island is food, because I’m always ready to eat.

My forest is my friendship, because I believe my friendship is long living and growing.

My lake is my knowledge, because my knowledge is very deep and sometimes getting refills.

My desert is Chinese, because learning Chinese is hardworking and always losing direction.

My ocean is my imaginations, because my imaginations are wild and big.

Soccer Cardboard Arcade Creation!!

My biggest success was that all the 4th grade kids enjoyed our game, there were  a lot of people coming and lining up to play.

My biggest obstacle was making the shooting arrow work and stable. Sometimes it kept breaking and after we fixed it, it couldn’t shoot very far.

If I were to change something, I would definitely make another arrow shooter and make the cardboard on the bottom more stable, and make the “wall” out of foam.

I am From Giant Pancakes and Aged photos

For our Humanities Identity unit, we read different “I am From Poems”. An “I am From Poem” is a poem that includes different significant items or places found in our lives that makes up where we are from. We started brainstorming using the categories: things found inside our house, things found outside our house, relatives, food, toys and games… After brainstorming, we chose 3 items from our list and turned it into an interesting stanza. After typing up a few stanzas, we were ready to publish. I hope you will enjoy my poem!

Water Filter Design Challenge

Why is engineering important?

Engineering is important because it helps you be successful as a scientist and a builder. If you can’t engineer, you probably can’t solve some of the problems that occur in real life.


What was your challenge?

Our challenge was choosing the type of fabric that best filters the water, and also making it less dirty.


Why did you choose that design?

We chose this design because we used 3 types of fabric so that it can filter and clean the water better.

How does it work?

  1. Pour the water in to the wire mesh
  2. The water will flow into the two other fabrics
  3. Then the purified water will come out from the bottom into a cup
  4. The paper towel will filter the water once more into another cup.


Was your design successful?

I think our first design wasn’t really successful because the dirty water went through a hole in the fabric instead of filtering the water. The filtered water turned out still with some dirt streaks in it.


How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign)

We redesigned it without the holes, we also made the wire mesh bigger so that it can carry more dirt and rocks


(If redesign) Was your redesign successful?

Me and my partner’s second design was better than the first one because the first one went through 2 layers of fabric but the second one went through 3.

How do I feel about Middle School?

I really like dogs and I really like Middle School because dogs make me happy and active. I really look forward to going to Middle school every day. The upcoming over-night trip makes me excited, too!


teacup breed

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