Sugar Tax Argument

Sugar tax has killed many soda companies, and could kill Coca-Cola too. Coca-Cola, the company that sells 1.9 million servings each day. They have already had a 32% drop rate, and this will increase as more places allow sugar tax. This is one of the reasons we should not tax sugar. The government should not tax sugar because it destroys the economy, is insensitive, and causes lots of health problems.

Sugar tax destroys the economy. It has already affected rubicon, a popular drink in the UK, who had to lower sugar levels because of sugar tax. As this made fans mad, they decided to make Rubicon Deluxe, a drink with more sugar than the first. This shows that sugar tax causes more problems than it solves. Having sugar tax is also causing people to tax different things. There is already a tax on alcohol and cigarettes, and Canada now has “climate tax” taxing thing that affect the climate. If we keep taxing everything that is a little bit bad for us, we will end up spending lots on everyday items and the economy will crash.

Taxing sugar is insensitive. 11% of USA is considered poor, and more have little money or are college students. Without much many they buy sodas, and the new sugar tax laws will cause them to lose a bunch of money. Both milk and water cost more than soda. This is not sensitive to people who don’t make much money, especially people who lost their jobs to sugar tax.

Some might say that sugar tax improves health, but this isn’t true. If sugary drinks cost more, people will drink diet drinks. The average person drinks 2 cans of soda per day, and this probably won’t change. The reason diet taste good is because the manufacturers use a fake sugar that tastes the same, but our body does not digest the same. The more we consume the fake sugar, the more our body gets used to it. Soon, our body will not be able to digest regular sugar.

The government should not tax sugar because it will crash the economy, is uninclusive, and will cause lots of health problems. Thousands of jobs and millions of dollars have already been lost, and soon famous stores and brands will die out.

Sewable Circuit Bookmark

For my sewable circuit project, I made a Ravenclaw bookmark. It is black and has a grey and blue shield with an R at the top. The stitch is a messy zig-zag running stitch, and the LED is blue. I chose this design because it had the fewest pieces.

It was hard to make the threads tight enough around the components, and I had to re-sew stuff several times. In the end I was able to make it tight enough by sewing at angles and making good cinches. Some tips are to try hard to avoid short circuits.


Picture Key:

Final Project









Smell Detector Prototype

This is my prototype  for the smell detector. It has buttons for turning the device off and on, and to zoom in and out. The “high tech glass” on the detector zooms in on scents like a magnifying glass, and helps you find where they are coming from. It also has a stand to prop it up and charge it.

Lake Travis Lightbox

For my product design project, I made a light box of lake travis. My cousins and I had a fun time going there over the summer and I can’t wait to go back as soon as I can.

My biggest success was the pieces of the light box. It took a long time drawing them on illustrator, but I was able to get pieces that looked like the real landscape. Thing like curves were the hardest, but I was able to draw them and join them with the other lines.

I learned some skills during the project. On Adobe Illustrator I learned how to join lines, join shapes, and change colors, which were very helpful for making my project. I also got to practice painting when I mixed some acrylic paints and painted them on lightly.

One piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be to paint as light as possible and to not waste time choosing their lights.

Overall, I think my light box was a success. I was able to capture Lake Travis, and all the fun memories along with it, the light looks like the real landscape, and the colors were nice. I would call this a success.







How to Help Percy

“I am a nobody, from a family of nobodies.” Percy Jackson isn’t a really confident kid, and often compares himself to other kids and demigods. Percy Jackson would be more confident if he learned about his ADHD, had better study habits, and realized he was perfectly unique.

If Percy Jackson learned about his ADHD, he would feel more confident about it. In Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief, it says that “The school counselor told me this was a part of ADHD, misinterpreting things. I wasn’t so sure.” If he would research his disorder, he would realize more about what was his ADHD, and what was a side effect of being a demigod. In the article it says that “People with ADHD have a hard time sitting still and paying attention. They might also find it hard to control their behavior.” This would explain why Percy sometimes gets very angry or very annoyed. If Percy knew this, he might be able to use the new information to help him out.

Having better study habits would help Percy Jackson make better grades. In Percy Jackson, Percy gets very mad about studying. “The evening before my final, I got so frustrated I threw the Cambridge Guide to Greek Mythology across my dorm room.” Maybe this would be different if he had read Top 10 Study Tips. In the article it explains that “If you’re stuck on something, or something just doesn’t seem to make sense… Talk to your friends and fellow students too.” If Percy asked help from Grover or Mr. Brunner, he would be confident in his study habits and would make better grades.

Percy Jackson would be more confident if he realized he was perfect and unique. In Percy Jackson, Percy keeps comparing himself to other people. “Their daddies were executives, or ambassadors, or celebrities. I was a nobody, from a family of nobodies.” Percy is not very confident and compares himself to other people. If he watched 7 Psychology Tricks to Build Unstoppable Confidence, he would learn that “Every person is unique and has the potential to reach their own kind of success.” Percy would stop comparing himself to other kids and be proud and confident about himself and his life.

Even if Percy isn’t a confident kid, he can still try to be courageous. Percy Jackson could build his courage if he studied in a comfortable environment, took time to learn about his ADHD, and knowing that he was his own perfect. Building

this confidence might help Percy to make good relationships and feel good about himself in the future.

Happiness Paragraph

Everyone has happiness, and it helps us deal with bad things while negative emotions help us defend for ourselves, so we shouldn’t pretend to be happy all the time. Many people think that happy people are lazy, but they are actually more successful. Happy people are good for our world because they are more likely to be safe and to care for the society. Being rich isn’t always being happy, and sometimes having lots of money can cause mental illness. Even though happiness isn’t the solution to all, it is really good for you.

Habitat Thinglink

This is the thinglink I made for my Science project. For my habitat, I chose coral reefs, and for my species I chose Hector’s Dolphin, Green Turtle, Beluga Whale, and Narwhal. I hope you enjoy!


A= Abiotic Factor

B= Biotic Factor

i= Small information

📕= Big information

⭐️= Animal


1. What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science?

I really liked learning about habitats and doing design challenges

2. What would you like to work on for next year in science?

I want to do more design projects and learn new things.

Our Stories Make History

In this unit we made primary resources about our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. This project compiles all of those sources in one place.

For this project I used a Thinglink to summarize my experience during the pandemic. I chose to use Thinglink because I thought it would be fun and good for organizing events.  I place the icons (that you click on to view the source) mostly in chronological order.

This primary source might be useful to others, because it shows what a typical life could be like during this pandemic. It shows my evacuation, all the good and bad times I experienced, and my opinions on certain COVID-19 news. This source shows my story, but if you want to know more about the pandemic you would want to look at other sources as well.

Something I’m proud of in this unit is that I completed it. From countless computer problems, to misconceptions and questions, I’m happy that I finished strong.

Overall, this was a great unit, and I’m glad I got to learn all of this during COVID-19.



📍= Memory

i= Article

❤️= From my heart

🌄= Collage

—= timeline

📕= Journal

⭐️= Important

▶️= Music

Creative Performance

This is a poem I made in Humanities. It gives a description of how I’m going through the Corona virus.The Pandemic

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