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The Government Shouldn’t Ban One- Time Use Plastics

Do you want to live in a world that has no hope for future life and future human beings having grief toward their ancestor hundreds of years ago (Us)? The answer is probably a no. Then, plastic should prominently not be banned. Firstly, it will cause a devastating blow toward our diversity by having millions and billions of people lose their jobs and many people becoming homeless after losing their jobs. Secondly, research shows that bag bags are biodegradable so switching to paper bags, but will not biodegrade due to the amount of plastic bags in landfills. Lastly, if replace plastic bags using alternative sources like paper bags, it’ll even create more pollution air/water pollutions than plastic bags which can cause serious harm to the environment. So, one-time use plastic shouldn’t be banned because it’ll cause millions of people lose their jobs, paper bags are not biodegradable in real scenario, and using alternative sources like paper bags can cause more harm than plastic bags.

Firstly, if plastic were to be banned, millions of people will lose their jobs across the world it will strike a devastating blow across our diversity. Supporters in Philadelphia claimed, “If plastics were to be banned in this state, there could be 1500 jobs lost at 14 facilities.” To add on, Supporters in Los Angles states that, “There will be a loss of 1000 workers in Los Angles if plastics were banned.” This is only a state and a city. If this is banned across the globe it will cause a destructive damage to our society.

The opposition might argue that plastic bags are not decomposable, so paper bags are a better alternative because papers are decomposable. It’s certainly true that paper can biodegrade in landfills in about a month. However, due to the amount of plastic in landfills, the microbes that are supposed to eat the paper bags won’t get there in time for decomposing the paper bags that are newly dumped. To build on, if we replace all plastic bags with reusable bags like cotton bags it’ll even cause more harm than good. Research shows that cotton bags need to reuse at least 20000 times to make a complete recovery the production pollution. Compared to plastic bags you would only need to reuse 4 times to recover the production pollution. All in all, all of the evidence suggests that switching to alternative will cause more harm than good, this suggests that we should keep on using plastic to make our future greater.

Lastly, if papers were used as an alternative source for plastic, it could harm humanity more. Research indicates that paper bags can generate up to 70% more air pollutants, 50 times more water pollution, and takes 4 times as much energy to produce paper bags than plastic bags. To build on, each year we cut down 15 billion trees, and we only replant around 5 billion trees. This indicates that by using paper, and not using one time use plastics it could harm humanity by cutting down more trees each year causing faster global warming, dumping wastes and pollutions in both water and air which will make our earth more contaminated.

In the end, the government shouldn’t ban one time use plastics because it’ll create more problems than you might think. It will make many people lose their jobs across the globe, using alternative sources like paper because it’s biodegradable but in the real scenario it’s not, and paper will create much more water and air pollution. All in all, the trend of plastic bags should continue across the world if you want to save earth from global warming.

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

“He was the only teacher whose class didn’t put me into sleep.” – Percy Jackson. This shows that Percy Jackson gives up and quitted most of subjects. In order corporate better, Percy Jackson need to focus on task, learn how to hold his temper and understand his own emotions. Percy will feel better after understanding how to corporate better


Percy Jackson clearly have trouble focusing on task and always think negatively. As said in the book, he gets distracted easily. Due to getting distracted, he got bad grades, which lead to he thinks that he’s bad at everything. However, he has a favorite class, which is Mr. Brunner’s class, Latin, “”He was the only teacher whose class didn’t put me into sleep.”” Only liking one class, isn’t the best way to think. One of the suggestions in the article is, “Negative thought makes study all but impossible.” And, “Think positively and never think negatively because make you give up.” From this bit of suggestion, just by thinking positively, you can get huge difference in the end. All in all, I highly recommend that he read the article, if Percy Jackson want to improve his action.


He’s also a person can’t hold temper and never think problems thoroughly. In the book, after he killed Ms. Dodds, he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Without telling the problem he always acts weird around people; which people doesn’t like. However, he can solve this problem easily. After watching a video about controlling temper, He can do what the article said, “If you’re about to flip the lid (About to get mad) you can always talk to teachers and people that you trust.” He can tell Mr. Brunner, or Grover to release stress. Overall, after Percy Jackson read the article, he’ll understand how to solve problem with feelings.


Percy Jackson is a person can’t understand his own emotions, which makes people around him uncomfortable. An example in the book is, “Nancy Bobofit snickered something about the naked guy on the stele, and I turned around and said, ” Will you shut up?” From this, we can tell that Percy said something that the bully doesn’t like, and it seems like he’s about the bullied. Even after this, Percy still try to act strong Infront of a bully. However, there’s a lot of ways to fix it. An example is, “We can even take notes about our feelings and what might have caused them. You might then recall what happened before you experienced that emotion.” This information tells us that even if something has happened you can still do something about it. In the end, Percy Jackson should read this book because he’ll let him understand the key of understand his own emotions and how to fix any emotion, action and problems next time.


Even though, Percy Jackson is a demigod he should still understand that working as a team and corporate better. He should do more focusing, handling emotion and understand his temper to control his temper. At last, learning cooperating with the ones that you don’t like will be the key of life. Without corporation no one will never get to solve problems.



Happiness relates how we feel. Every day, we experience a wide range of feelings. Occasionally, we encounter obstacles that led us to feel despair. But that’s ok because happiness is about to make the best out of the good times. Happiness also benefits you and the society. Research shows that people that are happier are more healthy, improved decision making, and it’s the key to be success. Even tho’ the world’s GDP is growing each year. The rising inequality is becoming more serious. Everyone knows happiness can’t cure everything. However, happiness is important to share with the world!

Mini habitat project 6th grade

Here is the thinglink —–>

What are my biggest takeaways: I think some of the takeaways are the projects that learned during this 6th-grade science.

What would I like to work on: I would like to work of CER and explain better.

Our Stories make History Final Project

Here is my final project (Just press it) ——->

Our main goal to make is project is to help future humans, historians to understand what life is like during a pandemic in this case “COVID-19”. This source will help future people because my stories are a chronological experience through the virus. From the start to the end in China. They will learn how did I felt and maybe the person reading mine will think of a way to help prevent them from getting bored. Also, they’ll learn that how much fear that the virus had created. I hope after the COVID-19 no one will use my stories because who would want another pandemic.


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Make or Perform project

I made a comic strip for this project. For me, a comic strip I fun and it makes joy for me. The comic strip is an overview of my event to today. 2020, 3, 19.

My thinglink Human history project 6.8

This is my human history thinklink project 😀

Early humans and us thinglink project- community

This is my early human project (Community)

<iframe width=”960″ height=”720″ data-original-width=”1024″ data-original-height=”768″ src=”″ type=”text/html” frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen scrolling=”no”></iframe><script async src=”//”></script>

Grade 6 cardboard design refection

This is the cardboard arcade that we created during design time. In this game, you have to toss the marbles into the hole or the baskets for points. The goal of the game is to have the highest scored point using three tries.

During the making of our game, my biggest obstacle is brainstorming. After several hours of intense brainstorming, we came upon a plan. The plan is to make a basketball alike game with a ball contractor system in the game. When we started making the game, there are some really important skills that I learned. For example, how to use less hot glue and maintains a more sturdy cardboard structure.

One thing I’d like to change is inventing a better ball contractor. Around 30-40% of the time that the marbles will get stuck because the ball contractor doesn’t work well. Also, I would game more eye-catching, so it’ll draw more attention to my game.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to use your time properly. In this design class, there’s not much time for creating.

Overall, I think this product was successful because I like how does this game functions well during the arcade day!

Instrument design challenge

The bottom one is mine

I think my instrument worked well because my instrument played the right note for Hot Cross Buns.

During instrument class, we crafted instruments using scrap. I hit a few problems at the start. For example, I don’t know what will my instrument look like. So I choose one that will look like a sax or a clarinet. But, as I got further into the task, I don’t how big should my sax hole be. After a while, I dash to Mr. Anthony to ask how to drill the hole. Then, he told me a really useful website that I can find where to drill it. I followed the blueprint and found the place for drilling my hole. I took the driller and drilled my hole. Finally, I stick my mouthpiece inside the PVC and it sounded good. It’s better than I expected! I was surprised by how good it sounded.




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