My problem project

  1. How does your final project solve your initial problem?

My final project helps by fixing the design because before it looked boring now its really cool

2. What’s a skill you learned or improved on over the corse project?

I improved my planning and lazer cutting

3. What makes you proud of your project?

I think the dragon makes me proud because i know i cut it and it was really fun

4. Which part of the design process do you struggle with the most and why is do you think that is?

I think for this project i struggled with the Define in inquire because it took some time to come up with the idea i wanted to use

5. Explain what the most important decision you made was during this project and why do you think it was the most important?

I think the most important decision i made was either choosing the dragon or the lighting bult because it could determine the entire project.

My leather problem

My Problem is my phone case looks plain and boring and i want to put some leather on it. I want to make a case and then have a area on it I can put my ID card/ lunch card

Smell design

We were told to make a design to see what the smell is, i was planning on making a very small hand held box where the smell goes in from the top and the smell shows on the side. My box was a little bigger then i was expecting but it still works the same. The smell goes in the top and it comes out on the green side. The letters are where you type what you smell so it can get some sort of idea what it is, and the plus button increases the distance of where it can smell.

Light Box

For my light box my area was suppose to be Dallas Texas, which is why I put it clear blue sky’s, palm trees, and and Armadillo. I have had many challenges through out making my box like when I made my Armadillo the top of it didn’t print correctly. The first time I ever printed my layers they came out as three different big layers so i couldn’t put them in without covering each other. You can see those boxes up there were what my Adobe looked like before it got printed. I also have my faceplate over there which was black and the measurements were hard to figure out. Also trying to figure out how to get the round edges on my face plate took me a little bit of time. But when it got printed it looked really good. I ended up painting my layers with Blue, Gray, Yellow, White, Green, and Brown. With all of those colors i made the sky, clouds, Armadillo, Sun, and Trees. I hot glued my button onto the back of my box and that finishes up my lightbox. 

Drama Behr and Zeke



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Happiness Is The Key To Life

Happiness is more something you feel when you accomplish something. So success is not the key to happiness. Most rich people are actually not very happy because if they have someone they love the person is there only because of money. Thats why happieness is the key to success.


I got some of this from Newsela and I didn’t copy word to word but I copied some words

End of Year Reflection

When I started middle school, I was most excited about getting freedom because I was just about to go anywhere in the whole school.

When I began sixth grade, I was worried about not getting to a class on time. I overcame these worries by having a schedule on my computer at all times .

One highlight of my year was having a snow ball fight because i had it with all my friends. Another highlight was going to lunch for the first time. I consider this a highlight because I played air hockey with all my friends.

One challenge I faced was getting to classes.  I confronted this challenge by having a schedule in my computer the whole time.  Another challenge I faced was doing the homework because it was a big change from 5th grade.

Before eLearning, I was disorganizes. E-learning helped me grow by making me do all my work at a certain time. Now, I am very organized.

I am most proud of myself for doing my tests because I think I did really well.

If I could do sixth grade over again, I would change going to volley ball because we had to cancel and that made me really sad.

Mountain Biome

What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science?
I think the biggest take away is that I couldn’t do the Thinglink in class so I couldn’t really ask questions.

If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say?
Behr worked really hard on this assignment and he has definitely improved over the start of the year. Well done Behr.

How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations? I feel really confident because I know how to do them because I went on khan and did a lot of research
What would you like to work on for next year in science? I really love doing chemistry so I would love to work on that.

Our stories make history

I made a PowerPoint on this project. It was really fun to create because I could see how my journey has developed over time. I started with the stuff I thought would take the longest so I could get that out of the way then move on to the easier ones. I think that they will be able to see how I moved a lot during my journey and how I almost survived the Coronavirus. I most proud of my PowerPoint but there are some stuff like the Collage I don’t know what that are. I find challenging is when I don’t know what something is I cane really get a 5 second response.