End of Year Reflection

When I started middle school, I was most excited about getting freedom because I was just about to go anywhere in the whole school.

When I began sixth grade, I was worried about not getting to a class on time. I overcame these worries by having a schedule on my computer at all times .

One highlight of my year was having a snow ball fight because i had it with all my friends. Another highlight was going to lunch for the first time. I consider this a highlight because I played air hockey with all my friends.

One challenge I faced was getting to classes.  I confronted this challenge by having a schedule in my computer the whole time.  Another challenge I faced was doing the homework because it was a big change from 5th grade.

Before eLearning, I was disorganizes. E-learning helped me grow by making me do all my work at a certain time. Now, I am very organized.

I am most proud of myself for doing my tests because I think I did really well.

If I could do sixth grade over again, I would change going to volley ball because we had to cancel and that made me really sad.

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