Light Box

For my light box my area was suppose to be Dallas Texas, which is why I put it clear blue sky’s, palm trees, and and Armadillo. I have had many challenges through out making my box like when I made my Armadillo the top of it didn’t print correctly. The first time I ever printed my layers they came out as three different big layers so i couldn’t put them in without covering each other. You can see those boxes up there were what my Adobe looked like before it got printed. I also have my faceplate over there which was black and the measurements were hard to figure out. Also trying to figure out how to get the round edges on my face plate took me a little bit of time. But when it got printed it looked really good. I ended up painting my layers with Blue, Gray, Yellow, White, Green, and Brown. With all of those colors i made the sky, clouds, Armadillo, Sun, and Trees. I hot glued my button onto the back of my box and that finishes up my lightbox. 

My Favriote

Every Night my dad would read this book to me before I went to sleep. The reason I really like this book is that it has many different stories in it.  And I would ask my dad to read this one story. It was where this man had a child and that child, went off to go fishing and he found this golem who made him a wish when he had a dream about her go to that cave. So 2 years later he had a dream about her, so he went back to that cave, and found 2 big gold treasure chest.


My Cardboard Arcade

My biggest success was when a lot of people came to play our game.

My biggest obstacle was to make the ball come out of the game.

One thing, I would like to change is to make it less tape and more hot glue.