My Cardboard Arcade

My biggest success was when a lot of people came to play our game.

My biggest obstacle was to make the ball come out of the game.

One thing, I would like to change is to make it less tape and more hot glue.

Where I am from


I Am From

By Behr Ridlon

I am from a puffy snowy

cold house.

Zooming sledding down a hill, I was quiet.

We ate cookies which melted in my mouth

and drank hot coco which burned like lava.

I am from pajamas

and watching T.V.

Our house is big

and welcoming.

And a nice huge warm pool

that calls your name

to get in.

I am from the splendid Ginormous tree

that wants you

to climb it.

I am from a terrific, delicious

Ice cream stand.

I am from a pool to go

swimming in.

I am from burning hot Texas

and freezing cold Germany.

The Water Disease

We used cups 2, rocks, paper towel and cotton. To make our Idea.

Because we thought the cotton would stop the water bad stuff and the paper towel would stop the dirt.

Engineering is important because people need to make things. And when someone makes an iPhone then other people will buy it so it is important because it helps other people.

The challenge we faced was to let the water come out. And it just broke a lot and the water was dirty. then we added more cotton and rocks and then it wasn’t completely clean but it was like tea.


Well, what we did is we put 2 layers of cotton and 1 layer of rocks. Our design was kind of success but it looked like tea. I would change it by adding more rocks and more cotton and make the space bigger.



Story of my name Behr!!!

The story of my name was originally my middle name but now it is my first and something different is my middle. My parents liked bear Grills so the named me Behr instead of Bear.

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