Materials for 2nd model- screen, rubber bands, cloth, rocks, and 2 half bottles

2nd model- There is a screen on the top, a cloth in the middle with rocks.

Materials for the improved version= cloth, rubber bands, half of a bottle, screen, and rocks

Improved version- we removed the bottom bottle and flipped it upside down

2nd model 1st try

Original dirty water and results

This model was not the best, because at that time we didn’t have that many rocks.

2nd model 2nd try

RESULT- It was clear, but not that clear. There was still some dirt, but it was only 3 or 4 specks of it. This means that rocks helped.

Why engineering is important is because engineers make many things in life that we need. Engineering also is like inventing, so it’s like making thing that we need.

The problem was that we were stranded on an island and we need to filter dirty pond water.

The challenge was that we only had a limited amount of materials to work with, so we only had some of this and that. Also, we couldn’t use all of that material to make our design better, since we also had to let others use the materials.

Why we chose this design is because some other people told us that the rocks help clean the water a lot, and we also saw that the screen and cloth would help filter to the bigger chunks of dirt and rocks. The design was pretty sucessful, since it cleared out most of the dirt, rocks, and sand. How I might change this filter is I might use some more cloths, maybe even pipe cleaners to catch more of the bigger chunky rocks.