Where I’m From

I am from the sweet-scented delicious apple crumble, 

From the endless but important violin practices, 

From the deafening furious yells of stop, go away, who farted and dude!

From the humongous piles of homework, 


I am from the boring, awkward and strange family reunions, 

Standing around not knowing what to do, 

From the smell of burning, puffy, brown bread, 

From playing Minecraft a lot, 

From the thick clumps of fur always flying around, 


I am from the dirty white bike which I ride to school every day, 

Dried mud splotched on the tires, 

From the music that is proudly running through my veins, 

From the heights which I fly in each time I travel, 

From the cartoons I watch like Chi, Larva and Molang, 


I am from the moist steam coming from the white rice, 

Bland but still delicious, 

From the fruity ruby pomegranate tree that grows in my yard, 

From the soft cushioned bed which I sleep in, 

From the weathered square carpet which I play on, 


I am from my friends, laughing like crazy donkeys, 

From excellent math lessons and impressive science classes, 

From the pen that I write with during humanities, 

Adding lead each time, 

From the clock that I watch carefully every day, 


I am from my plump, aged cats which I play with each day, 

From stopping their dramatic fights which end with a pow,  

From sky-high rectangular stacks of books that fill every corner of the house, 

From the crying erasers which have all turned to stumps, 


I am from fantastic movies like Avengers, Marvel and animated cartoons, 

From the pointless, never-ending Barbie cartoons, 

From the Hong Kong news which I watch every day, 

From the smooth TV that wakes up for us to watch, 


I am from the loud excited meows of cats, 

From the powerful, ear-splitting screams of my younger sister, 

From the sour insults being thrown at me from my older sister, 

From my mom rapidly yelling at me for doing something wrong