Audrey and the Elbow

Originally, I wanted to write about the first day of school for me as a 4 year old. Except that it was too long ago and it wasn’t very significant, so I couldn’t really remember it. Because of that, I decided to write about the time my elbow got stuck in the escalator, since it was more rememberable. After we learnt about dashes, colons and parentheses, I added some into my story. Also, I added a lot of argumentative dialogue to my story. In my first draft, I always punctuated my dialogue the wrong way. The first draft that I wrote lacked detail, descriptive language and correct dialogue, but my final story includes much more detail. I feel like my final piece was kind of a success, since I really tried to add as much detail and correct language so my story would flow fluently. In my introduction, it started out as only a few sentences. Because we learned about strong introductions and conclusions, now I have a paragraph that introduces and adds detail to my story. Also, in my conclusion, it was very weak, since I could barely tell if I had a conclusion or not.