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Am I a Humanist? – Humanism Infographic

I think I am 90% humanist as I agree with most of the topics that humanists in the 15th century believed in. I’m only 90% because although I agree with many of their points, I don’t question the world as much as they did, and neither do I think that balance between life and religion is that important. I believe that it’s better to focus more on daily life.

Found Poem Button Button

This found poem was made with the conversation between the two lovers in the story “Button Button”. In the story, Norma and her husband Arthur have an argument about the mysterious button that Mr. Steward had given them. If they press the button, someone they don’t know dies, but they receive 50,000 dollars. This argument is the first “crack” in their relationship, and by highlighting the main parts of their conversation, I helped to show how Norma’s curiosity clashed against Arthur’s cautiousness.

I tried not to add any color or decoration to the poem as I felt that the story had a very tense feeling to it, and in their argument, there were two main emotions: Curiosity and cautiousness, which is why under parts of the dialogue that Norma said, I added some brighter colors. But with Arthur, the color is plain black and it’s the same as the background.

Plastic Ban : Argumentative Essay

When I’m walking around, I always notice plastic bags flying around. The plastic bags can get caught in trees and that ruins our environment. Governments should ban single use plastic bags because they damage the environment, kill land and sea animals, and carry germs. 

Governments should ban plastic bags because they damage the environment. Plastic bags and their production are one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Every year, 80% of the pollution in the oceans and seas are caused by plastic bags. Studies have estimated that the 80% is 8.3 million tons of plastic being discarded yearly. This is a lot of plastic in the oceans and banning plastic bags will reduce that number. Plastic bags can also clog waterways and drains. The clogging of the drains can cause bad smells and flooding from the wasteIt’s possible the flooding will carry the waste stuck inside the drains. The odor is usually called plastic odor or waste odor, but it can do damage to the liver over time. If we don’t do anything about the plastic bags, they will ruin the waterways, the seas and our planet. 

Plastic bags can kill animals from land and sea. Lots of plastic bags can get into the seas and the oceans. Many marine animals get tangled up in those plastic bags and get choked to death. Over time, plastic bags decompose into tinier microplastics. Fish and other animals will mistake these microplastics as food, and then the fish eat the microplastics. Once we eat those fish, those microplastics will enter our body. Plastic is very harmful to the human body, and even a tiny microplastic can damage our vital organs like our stomach or our lungs. Plastic is already in our food chain, and an estimated 92 species of fish have already ingested that plastic. Soon, that plastic will take over our food chain and will kill off many species of animals.  

Plastics carry and spread many germs. The other side might say that plastic bags don’t carry or spread any germs because plastic bags are labeled as sterile since we can’t see the germs. This thinking is incorrect in many waysEvery single year, 400,000 to 1,000,000 people die of diseases related to chemicals from plastic. The production of plastic is also very toxic and dangerous to us because plastics include petroleum, and the process releases many chemicals. PVC is a great example. PVC is a very toxic chemical and it’s also known widely around the world as one of the most toxic chemicals released from plastic making for our health. These chemicals are very toxic and can cause pollution and damage to us, which is why governments should ban plastics. 

Banning plastics is something the governments should ban, because they really damage the environment, can kill both land and sea animals, and can spread a lot of harmful chemicals and germs. Having a plastic ban is good, because our one and only Earth might get ruined by them. 

Percy Jackson Blog Post

Many people think it would be cool to be a demigod, but Percy Jackson can tell you otherwise. Percy Jackson is a character who is a demigod. Rather than being a hero and saving everything, trouble seems to find Percy instead. Percy would have a better life if he knew how to keep his anger at bay, found out the advantages of ADHD, and learned how to block out negative thoughts.

If Percy knew how to control his anger, he would have better relationships. “But I was so mad my mind went blank.” He says on page 9. Also, on page 53, he says “Anger replaced my fear. Newfound strength burned in my limbs – the same rush of energy I’d got when Mrs. Dodds grew talons.” This shows that whenever Percy gets very angry, he loses control of his emotions easily. This usually causes someone to get hurt, or to get himself in trouble. In the article by the APA, Dr. Spielberger notes the fact that, “The three main approaches are expressing, suppressing, and calming.”. He also says that “When none of these three techniques work, that’s when someone—or something—is going to get hurt.”. Many people can get hurt after someone’s anger gets out of control. Percy should also be very careful because the results of a study in 2000 which they watched 411 adolescents that showed the teenagers always expressing their anger have reported drinking more alcohol, being less active, and smoking cigarettes. This might happen to Percy if he doesn’t learn to control his anger.

Next, Percy doesn’t know that there are advantages to having ADHD. In Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, on page 1, Percy says, “Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.” Whenever Percy struggles with his ADHD he always thinks it is a bad thing. Percy believes that he is a very troubled kid and that his ADHD along with his other problems are bad and can’t help him. In the article by Karen Gibson, she states that “Differences in the brain are common. So we should try to understand them.” Many scientists and experts have found ways that ADHD can help the children succeed. The ADHD children can focus on many different things at once, and this can be very helpful. ADHD can really help Percy; he just doesn’t know that yet.

Percy will be better at learning once he learns to block negative thoughts. In page 18 of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, he says “The evening before my final, I got so frustrated I threw the 𝘊𝘢𝘮𝘣𝘳𝘪𝘥𝘨𝘦 𝘎𝘶𝘪𝘥𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘎𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘬 𝘔𝘺𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘭𝘰𝘨𝘺 across my dorm room.” Whenever Percy tries to learn, he always gets frustrated which causes him trouble with studying.  In the article by Kelly Roell, she states that “Negative thoughts make studying all but impossible. If you find yourself frequently repeating self-defeating thoughts, try reframing them into more positive statements:” which then she shows ways to convert negative thoughts into positive and boosting thoughts. If Percy doesn’t learn to block out his frustrations and anger, he will struggle with learning new things. Blocking out negative thoughts can help Percy, so he can learn better.

While Percy looks like an average middle schooler, he also struggles with all the trouble that comes after him because he is a demigod. To live a better life, Percy needs to know how to keep control of his anger, acknowledge the benefits of ADHD, and learn how to ignore all the negative thoughts. This advice can help fictional and non-fictional people that struggle with any of these problems.



Many people think being happy is the most important thing in life, but trying to live happily isn’t about faking your happiness. People may think that happy people tend to be lazier than others, but many studies have show that happy people are more successful . Being happy can help others around you be happy and can benefit societies and communities. There’s a large shift in happiness being important since people are getting what they want, but having too much money can lead to some illnesses. Happiness is something everyone wants to have and thats why its so important.

End of the Year Reflection

When I was starting grade 6, the thing I was most excited about was bringing our laptops home and meeting new friends and learning new things. I was worried that I would fail my math and science since I’m not the best at them. I wasn’t worried anymore since my mom helped us sign up for math tutor out of school. One highlight of the year was the mentoring trip because on the bus we kept making jokes and I laughed too hard my stomach hurt the next two days. Another highlight was cross country because I got exercise while also hanging out with friends. A challenge I faced was e-learning since I was new to it but so was everyone else. Eventually, I got used to it because I did it for almost 4 months. Before e-learning I always felt like I didn’t have enough time to do work, but after because there aren’t too many interupptions in my work I can finish it very fast. I am proud of myself because I finished my first year of middle school with the coronavirus still going and e-learning. If I could redo g6, I would change my topic on early humans since it was kinda hard for me to find things about fire and tools.

Science Reflection

Here is my thinglink link:

My biggest takeaway from grade 6 science is that with models and explanations you must be very precise and make sure to not miss any details.

If I were to write myself a comment in the report card, I would tell myself that in models, you need to show invisible and visible particles very clearly and always have a key.

Next year, I would like to work on models and explanations because I know both are very important in science and I know that drawing models and writing explanations are not my best

Our Stories Make History

The project I created was an iMovie to show and present the different things I’ve experienced.

I organized my project so the readers would know how I felt during this time, then what i did during this time and the news i was watching.

This might be useful to other future historians so they can research about the time of the coronavirus pandemic using our information.

I am most proud of my performance proposal and my collage since I think i really expressed how i felt during this time.

I found that finding the right resources was kinda hard.

Here is the link to my iMovie=


Sick Earth

I drew this because of the coronavirus that is happening now.

My Favorite

My favorite song as a child was actually a lullaby that my mom would sing to me as I went to sleep. It is called Lullaby by Johannes Brahms.

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