"Come driving rain or winds that churn, I shall return, by blade alone, armed, if barefoot, to my home..."

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How Have Fire and Tools Developed Over Time

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Audrey and the Elbow

Originally, I wanted to write about the first day of school for me as a 4 year old. Except that it was too long ago and it wasn’t very significant, so I couldn’t really remember it. Because of that, I decided to write about the time my elbow got stuck in the escalator, since it was more rememberable. After we learnt about dashes, colons and parentheses, I added some into my story. Also, I added a lot of argumentative dialogue to my story. In my first draft, I always punctuated my dialogue the wrong way. The first draft that I wrote lacked detail, descriptive language and correct dialogue, but my final story includes much more detail. I feel like my final piece was kind of a success, since I really tried to add as much detail and correct language so my story would flow fluently. In my introduction, it started out as only a few sentences. Because we learned about strong introductions and conclusions, now I have a paragraph that introduces and adds detail to my story. Also, in my conclusion, it was very weak, since I could barely tell if I had a conclusion or not.

Where I’m From

Where I’m From

I am from the sweet-scented delicious apple crumble, 

From the endless but important violin practices, 

From the deafening furious yells of stop, go away, who farted and dude!

From the humongous piles of homework, 


I am from the boring, awkward and strange family reunions, 

Standing around not knowing what to do, 

From the smell of burning, puffy, brown bread, 

From playing Minecraft a lot, 

From the thick clumps of fur always flying around, 


I am from the dirty white bike which I ride to school every day, 

Dried mud splotched on the tires, 

From the music that is proudly running through my veins, 

From the heights which I fly in each time I travel, 

From the cartoons I watch like Chi, Larva and Molang, 


I am from the moist steam coming from the white rice, 

Bland but still delicious, 

From the fruity ruby pomegranate tree that grows in my yard, 

From the soft cushioned bed which I sleep in, 

From the weathered square carpet which I play on, 


I am from my friends, laughing like crazy donkeys, 

From excellent math lessons and impressive science classes, 

From the pen that I write with during humanities, 

Adding lead each time, 

From the clock that I watch carefully every day, 


I am from my plump, aged cats which I play with each day, 

From stopping their dramatic fights which end with a pow,  

From sky-high rectangular stacks of books that fill every corner of the house, 

From the crying erasers which have all turned to stumps, 


I am from fantastic movies like Avengers, Marvel and animated cartoons, 

From the pointless, never-ending Barbie cartoons, 

From the Hong Kong news which I watch every day, 

From the smooth TV that wakes up for us to watch, 


I am from the loud excited meows of cats, 

From the powerful, ear-splitting screams of my younger sister, 

From the sour insults being thrown at me from my older sister, 

From my mom rapidly yelling at me for doing something wrong 

Water Filter Experiment

Materials for 2nd model- screen, rubber bands, cloth, rocks, and 2 half bottles

2nd model- There is a screen on the top, a cloth in the middle with rocks.

Materials for the improved version= cloth, rubber bands, half of a bottle, screen, and rocks

Improved version- we removed the bottom bottle and flipped it upside down

2nd model 1st try

Original dirty water and results

This model was not the best, because at that time we didn’t have that many rocks.

2nd model 2nd try

RESULT- It was clear, but not that clear. There was still some dirt, but it was only 3 or 4 specks of it. This means that rocks helped.

Why engineering is important is because engineers make many things in life that we need. Engineering also is like inventing, so it’s like making thing that we need.

The problem was that we were stranded on an island and we need to filter dirty pond water.

The challenge was that we only had a limited amount of materials to work with, so we only had some of this and that. Also, we couldn’t use all of that material to make our design better, since we also had to let others use the materials.

Why we chose this design is because some other people told us that the rocks help clean the water a lot, and we also saw that the screen and cloth would help filter to the bigger chunks of dirt and rocks. The design was pretty sucessful, since it cleared out most of the dirt, rocks, and sand. How I might change this filter is I might use some more cloths, maybe even pipe cleaners to catch more of the bigger chunky rocks.

3 Facts About Me

1. I am a cat-lover 🐱

2. I am a friend👩👩👩

3. I am a food-lover :))))))))))))) 🍎  🍊 🍋  🍉 🍇 🍓 🍈 🍒 🍑 🍅🥦 🥒 🥬  🌽 🍞 🧀🥞

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