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Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary

Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary, written by Gail Jarrow, is about the typhoid fever that caused an epidemic that affected the whole of America, and even some parts of Europe. The story is told from many perspectives, like sanitation engineers that tried to find a cure for typhoid and typhoid victims. They find out many reasons for typhoid, but there were still unknown reasons. In the book, they find that the challenges they face include bad hygiene and typhoid carriers that didn’t even know they had it. As I read the book, I found how America changed its hygiene situations to prevent future illnesses/epidemics.

This notebook page is about one of the possible themes of the book that I noticed. The possible theme is that determination can bring great results.

Here, I sorted some of the causes and effects of typhoid and why typhoid spread so much. I noticed that sometimes, effects can also be causes for other situations.

This is a synthesis page of one of the central ideas that I noticed. The central idea was that hygiene was very bad, and that people didn’t really care about it.

In general, this book gave a lot of information about typhoid, and I really enjoyed it.


Many people think being happy is the most important thing in life, but trying to live happily isn’t about faking your happiness. People may think that happy people tend to be lazier than others, but many studies have show that happy people are more successful . Being happy can help others around you be happy and can benefit societies and communities. There’s a large shift in happiness being important since people are getting what they want, but having too much money can lead to some illnesses. Happiness is something everyone wants to have and thats why its so important.

End of the Year Reflection

When I was starting grade 6, the thing I was most excited about was bringing our laptops home and meeting new friends and learning new things. I was worried that I would fail my math and science since I’m not the best at them. I wasn’t worried anymore since my mom helped us sign up for math tutor out of school. One highlight of the year was the mentoring trip because on the bus we kept making jokes and I laughed too hard my stomach hurt the next two days. Another highlight was cross country because I got exercise while also hanging out with friends. A challenge I faced was e-learning since I was new to it but so was everyone else. Eventually, I got used to it because I did it for almost 4 months. Before e-learning I always felt like I didn’t have enough time to do work, but after because there aren’t too many interupptions in my work I can finish it very fast. I am proud of myself because I finished my first year of middle school with the coronavirus still going and e-learning. If I could redo g6, I would change my topic on early humans since it was kinda hard for me to find things about fire and tools.

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