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Persuasive essay

Should cell phones be allowed in school? This has been a popular topic that educators are arguing about. It seems like a good idea to allow cellphones since it allows students to access various online tools for education. However, cell phones can often have negative impacts on learning. Cell phones can cause health issues, addiction, and distractions therefore it should be banned.

One of the reasons why schools should bad cell phones is screen time. Using electronic devices for a long period of time can lead to various health issues. One of the most common diseases is caused by Screen Time is computer vision syndrome(CVS). Over 60 million people are suffering from CVS. Another common effect of screen time is eye fatigue. Staring at computer screens causes your eyes to focus harder resulting in blinking less. This may cause blurred vision. To prevent these health issues we should bad cell phones.

Another reason why cell phones should be bad during school is addiction. Two out of every three people are addicted to cell phones. In average American spends two hours and 51 minutes on their phones daily which is around the duration of a flight from Miami to New York.

By banning cell phones we can prevent students from being addicted to cell phones.

All those cell phones can help students access online tools and benefit learning, students can use them for non-academic purposes. Cell phones can often become a distraction for students. Since students often use their cell phones inappropriately during class schools had to confiscate hundreds of phones each year to see better results on tests. In a recent college study, over 92% of students in a university have admitted to using cellphones classes. Turns out many students had nomophobia which makes them afraid of being afraid without a cellphone. People that had nomophobia are constantly worried about missing text messages or emails. We can easily prevent students from using their phones inappropriately during class by banning cellphones.

Cell phones should be banned from schools because it causes health issues addiction and distraction. By banning cellphones we can prevent these problems.

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Happiness Summary

Happiness plays a major role in our lives. Negative emotions will occur naturally, but pretending to be happy won’t provide true happiness.  Being optimistic can efficiently help you overcome obstacles in life.  It can also help you make Superior decisions. Data has shown that people that are happier tend to have better overall health. A common misconception by many people is mistaking money with happiness. Wealth doesn’t always achieve true happiness. These days, many people are suffering from mental illnesses such as depression. Valuing happiness will help our society. Sometimes there isn’t a better goal then just be happy.

6th grade

6th grade has been a rollercoaster. It started with a new classroom, a new environment, and ended with e-Learning away from campus. Overall, most parts of 6th grade were pretty easy for me. I am able to complete most assignments without any problem. However, there are challenging parts. At the beginning of sixth grade, It took me quite some time to get used to the new schedule. The beginning of elearning was challenging also because I had to adapt to a new learning system. It was confusing at first, but the rest of e-learning was easy. Most parts of grade 6 went pretty well but it could be improved if there’s more communication in e-Learning. Afterward, everything went pretty smoothly. In grade seven, I am looking forward to learning back on campus.

my biggest take away in science this year is the relationship between potential and kinetic energy.

I would say my models are not the best, but I could analyze data pretty well.

Next year I would like to work on modeling.

Our Stories Make History-Final Project.

My project


My reflection

Over the past few months, I have been collecting articles and recording personal experiences to create my primary source. Now I will present to you my final product from this project. In this final product, I included a performance video, a collage with a six-word memoir, a timeline of personal experiences, three journals I did and three articles. I’ve organized this by category. I started with my performance video about what’s currently going on in the world. Then I have my collage and my six-word memoir and my collage to share my personal experiences. Then I will present to you my timeline about events that happened to me along with articles that connect to my feelings. After that, I will share three journals I wrote during this time. Finally, I will share three articles I’ve been collecting to research. If you’re reading this and you’re a historian here’s my thought on why this would be useful. Historians probably want to collect sources from primary sources so they contain bias. This will be useful for research in the near future. I think overall I’m most proud of my performance video because it took a lot of time to create. The most challenging part of this project I think would be the timeline since I needed to find articles that connect to my feeling.


My Favourite


The category I chose: book

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Even though this is not on my top 10 favorite books, I still chose this book because it’s the first chapter book that I remember, I have ever enjoyed reading. Now, I don’t really like the book that much, but at the time it was my favorite book.

The reason it’s important:

The reason it’s important to me is that it’s the first chapter book that I remember, I have ever enjoyed reading.


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