everything has been quite simple and planned out since I joined this school, every class I went to is organized with their task instructions are all clear to identify and to complete. Everything here, including the teachers, the student, and the work fit the atmosphere perfectly, basically what I am saying is the work is simple when you concentrate but difficult when distracted, I mean, that’s what school is about right? 🙂

I’ve made friends (well obviously lol), and all I could say is that everyone here is friendly and open. I really like the teachers’ tone when they see us,  it makes me comfortable to be around them, is like they treat us as students and a friend. I guess I’m just used to the western culture.

And the food- haha food will always at a special place in my heart – IS GREAT! I’m the kind of person who complains about weight with a big mac on the other hand, so the salad here really- (wow am I really talking about food?). well, it’s not like I don’t order chicken stripes on my way back home, I guess I’ll need to work on that.

I feel like I’m writing a report- anyways I really enjoyed the little time that I actually spent in this school (oof u corona). I’m proud to be a part of this community, and in my opinion, is school definitely deserves the place of one of the best international schools here.

this is not a reflection anymore, is it?

the months of e-learning has already killed my eyes, but don’t worry, they had already been resurrected more than “n” times.

did u get that? no, you didn’t. well let’s just say my mom is forcing me to rest, that’s a good thing for my eyes, I’m pretty sure they’re thankful, but my brain just wanna watch YouTube all day long.

just to conclude, this half-year for me had been a great experience for my family and myself, right after I came I’ve learned that some Chinese are actually racist to foreigners like some students and teachers. before I always thought that everyone here is friendly as people I see every day. I really do seek equality-


it has been a great year with great people, food, and education. (mostly the food hehe)