Stubbornness, bravery, loyalty, observant and sarcastic thinking are some of Percy Jackson’s main personality traits. He always has a unique sense of humor going on in his head (that often doesn’t make any logical sense) despite whatever situation he’s in, he often relates everything to other weird and funny situations that happened in his past. He is also very introverted as he only made one friend out of all the years, he went to all the schools.

In Chapter 5, Percy says, “If there was one thing, I had learned from living with Gabe, it was how to tell when an adult has been hitting the happy juice. If Mr. D was a stranger to alcohol, I was a satyr.” Percy immediately realized that Mr. D is alcoholic the minutes he saw him, judging from the way he looks at people, the way he acts, and his appearance. Through that, we can tell that Percy is very observant.


When Percy was having an offensive conversation with Dionysus since they obviously didn’t get along at all, and Dionysus was trying to convince that he was a god at half-blood camp:

then, “Well duh!” Percy Jackson. Did you think that I was Aphrodite, perhaps?’

‘You’re a god.’

‘Yes, child’

‘A god. You.’

He definitely did not believe him, and he made it clear to him as well as if he doesn’t want other people to change the perspective of his opinion.

When the Minotaur was going to dissolve Grover into dust like Percy’s mother, instead of running away he decided to save his best friend instead. An act of loyalty, sticking and helping the people you treasure, and putting them before yourself. in chapter 4, Percy’s train of thoughts said: “The bull-man bore down on Grover, who lay helplessly in the grass. The monster hunched over, snuffing my best friend as if he were about to lift Grover up and make him dissolve too.

I couldn’t allow that”

 Along with loyalty, Percy has shown many signs of the brave actions during the story, mostly when he was fighting the Minotaur, as one could be loyal, they have many different ways to do so, but what Percy did really highlight the trait of bravery in him.  Also in chapter 4: “As the monster barreled past, I drove the broken horn straight into his side, right up under his furry rib cage.”

His sarcastic traits are also visible in the way he (author/ Percy) described the set of events to the readers, the tone of the language he used is often humorous and sarcastic, and usually in the most serious or non-funny situations. Some text evidence from chapter 5: “The Latin teacher turned and smiled at me. His eyes had that mischievous glint they sometimes got in class when he pulled a pop quiz and made all the multiple-choice answers B.”

 He sighed. ‘And how do you feel?’

‘Like I could throw Nancy Bobofit a hundred meters.’



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