Judging from all of the current decisions he made, Percy is an emotionally driven person. In multiple parts of the book, he would speak the emotion he was feeling at that moment and either regrets it right after or doesn’t realize how his words affect other people, or, in some cases, both. Emotionally driven people tend to act and speak based on what emotion they feel, or the dominant emotion. Typically, their actions and words don’t fully go through their heads before they visibly express it to other people, which leads to regret some of the time.

In chapter 3, page 39, Percy showed signs of unstable emotions when talking to his mom about a sensitive subject. Topic 2 article 1; Recognizing and managing emotions, states that if a person experiences a bad memory/ies in the past, their emotions are likely to respond more strongly to a similar situation. In his case, getting expelled from multiple boarding schools and transfer to another just for the same thing to happen again.

 “‘Because you don’t want me around?’ I regretted the words as soon as they were out.

My mom’s welled with tears. She took my hand, squeezed it tight ‘Oh, Percy, no. I -I have to, honey. For your own good. I have to send you away”

In this body of text, Percy reacted strongly to something that wouldn’t really cause someone who hasn’t experienced this in the past to jump to the conclusions that quickly. As stated further back in the book, he had never stayed longer than a year in every school he went to, at this point, he half expects his mom to homeschool him instead of sending him off just for the cycle to happen another time. So, when, for the 7th time this had happened, he felt as if his mom was purposely sending him away because she doesn’t enjoy his company. Earlier in the book, Percy explained that his mother was the kindest person in the world, so what made him say those hurtful things that go both ways? His emotions.

Sudden waves of emotions can occur in the most calming and normal times in our daily lives, when nothing feels rapid and stressed except for your thoughts, which either leads to more negative thinking or straight forward but powerful emotions that make you want to cry about a small matter, or, in Percy’s case, not-so-small for him.

One of the things you need to notice about yourself is whether your words are hurtful to others as some of theirs maybe do to you. Sometimes people can’t help but think negative when nothing proves that what they are thinking is correct. A way for Percy to improve his choices and emotional control is you go against it, try to find evidence about the dark cloud in their head is correct, notice all the moments where his mom cared for him, actions that she wouldn’t do is she didn’t like her son’s company. An example is already proven in the section of text:

“My mom’s welled with tears. She took my hand, squeezed it tight”

 Why would someone reassure or get emotional about what another said if that person doesn’t care about them?

Before verbally saying your emotions, consider what might happen as a result, and how the action would make yourself, and the other feel. Would you both be happy? Or would your words ruin the happy mood and make both of you feel depressed?

“I regretted the words as soon as they were out.”

Stop and think about your words before deciding whether it’s worth coming out of your mouth. Instead of regretting it right after, give yourself a chance to think it through. When Percy spoke his thoughts out loud but ended hurting someone that he treasures the most, it’s one of the worst feelings you could experience, making the emotions two-ways.

In addition, try to find the positives at the moment with the one whom you love, as you may not have time to do it afterward when you are separated from that person. Percy and his mother were on a vacation/holiday when this conversation happened. His mother took him out for relaxation, but later in the book all that would be destroyed due to a previous choice Percy made, or, he would just we sent away any day soon.

To conclude, Percy has lots of space to improve his emotional control, his personality revolves around the ‘feeling’ side, nevertheless the fact that he is a teenager; a time where our emotions are the most unstable.