• what I made

I made a flag that represents demisexuality, included in the asexuality spectrum. if you rotate it, it will appear much similar to a suit with a purple tie which I personally think is pretty cool.

  • Why I chose it

in the beginning, I wanted to make something that represents myself who identify with this sexuality, though I made two other options that, are cool, but don’t really have anything to do with myself. Later I chose the easiest option to make due to the limited amount of time.

  • What was it about the other designs that made you discard them?

there isn’t anything wrong with the other two designs, it’s just the demisexual flag means more to me as who I identify as. Maybe the third design was way too complicated and the first design was too simple, but even if I have enough time, I wouldn’t have changed anything about my decision.



  • What was new to me?

the process of sewing on the LED and the battery holder, whereas I’ve only sewed fabric on fabric, I’ve never sewed something that lights up onto a piece of felt before.

  • What things were hard for you, how did you overcome them?

something that I found difficult wasn’t threading the needle, wasn’t sewing on the components, but sewing a neat and straight line. sounds cliché right? though I slowly got better and more experienced at sewing in a straight line (lol).

  • What tips would you give to next semester’s students?

if you have enough time, think your design through, pick a logical and reasonable place to put the components, don’t place it in the middle of no-where like me.

take your time, I rushed it, and now its a mess.