▲ This is a compass/watch inspired device that tracks and indicates the smells. on top, there is a smaller circle on top of the original shape of the prototype, and on top of that circle, is the screen of the device that includes a catalog. smells can be added or identified with the catalog using the two arrow buttons below it. in between those buttons, there is a small rectangle that is the smell ‘projector’. it projects the smell so we can check if it’s the right one we want to focus on. to the right side, and attached to the wall of the cylinder, is a smell sensor. other than sensing the smell, it also captures it so it can travel to the smell ‘projector’ and do the rest. back on the larger circle, there is a smaller circle attached to the side of it, that’s is where the compass inspiration comes in. that circle goes around 360 degrees and indicates where the smell is coming from.

▲ Also, you can probably see lines drawn on the ring of the larger circle. these light up when each hour of the day arrives, for instance, the top line will light up when it’s midnight or midday.

▲ There isn’t anything important on the back, the lines are just for decoration and more defined lines for the ‘clock’.