1. What you did well in your essay.

I personally think I did okay with my choices of wording.

2. What you might like to improve.

I would like to improve on the actual topic of this entire argumentative essay and finding more evidence and reasoning to back up my claims. (and citations) also the conclusion and the relationships in between the CER.

3. Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are your thoughts?

for the ‘describe the roles of political…’ section, when I looked back on my essay, I didn’t find any key points where I necessarily described or explained this part, and I still don’t understand why I didn’t get approaching.

4. What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning, and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

clearly describing my claims and reasoning, at some point, I started doubting if my claims were strong enough, and even though I have a million reasoning for this claim, I couldn’t quite describe it without sounding utterly confusing or similar.