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Product Design Prototype

▲ This is a compass/watch inspired device that tracks and indicates the smells. on top, there is a smaller circle on top of the original shape of the prototype, and on top of that circle, is the screen of the device that includes a catalog. smells can be added or identified with the catalog using the two arrow buttons below it. in between those buttons, there is a small rectangle that is the smell ‘projector’. it projects the smell so we can check if it’s the right one we want to focus on. to the right side, and attached to the wall of the cylinder, is a smell sensor. other than sensing the smell, it also captures it so it can travel to the smell ‘projector’ and do the rest. back on the larger circle, there is a smaller circle attached to the side of it, that’s is where the compass inspiration comes in. that circle goes around 360 degrees and indicates where the smell is coming from.

▲ Also, you can probably see lines drawn on the ring of the larger circle. these light up when each hour of the day arrives, for instance, the top line will light up when it’s midnight or midday.

▲ There isn’t anything important on the back, the lines are just for decoration and more defined lines for the ‘clock’.

sewable electronics

  • what I made

I made a flag that represents demisexuality, included in the asexuality spectrum. if you rotate it, it will appear much similar to a suit with a purple tie which I personally think is pretty cool.

  • Why I chose it

in the beginning, I wanted to make something that represents myself who identify with this sexuality, though I made two other options that, are cool, but don’t really have anything to do with myself. Later I chose the easiest option to make due to the limited amount of time.

  • What was it about the other designs that made you discard them?

there isn’t anything wrong with the other two designs, it’s just the demisexual flag means more to me as who I identify as. Maybe the third design was way too complicated and the first design was too simple, but even if I have enough time, I wouldn’t have changed anything about my decision.



  • What was new to me?

the process of sewing on the LED and the battery holder, whereas I’ve only sewed fabric on fabric, I’ve never sewed something that lights up onto a piece of felt before.

  • What things were hard for you, how did you overcome them?

something that I found difficult wasn’t threading the needle, wasn’t sewing on the components, but sewing a neat and straight line. sounds cliché right? though I slowly got better and more experienced at sewing in a straight line (lol).

  • What tips would you give to next semester’s students?

if you have enough time, think your design through, pick a logical and reasonable place to put the components, don’t place it in the middle of no-where like me.

take your time, I rushed it, and now its a mess.



design Lightbox Reflect, Make an Impact & Share

In this design project, our class started something called a ‘lightbox’.It’s made out of wood, the layers designed on Microsoft Illustrator, cut by the laser cutter, painted, and assembled (glue) by ourselves. 

My biggest obstacle was…

Painting. I had what I wanted to do in mind, but I didn’t think of how I would do it. The colors and patterns I chose require a smaller and more detailed oriented brush instead if a background or extensive area brush. The colors of what I’m painting don’t really have many colors in real life, and while the train is used for transportation, the lightbox is created for decoration.

My Biggest success was…

The layers. While the painting aspect never turned out as I expected and wanted it to, the layers are a (*inserts thumbs up) success. However, the first time it was cut out didn’t go the way I expected either, I messed up the measurements, so the layers were too large to correctly fit in the lightbox. But other than messing up the measurements the first time, nothing else went wrong and turned out really well. After that, I fixed my measurements and got it re-laser cut, everything fit perfectly, and I was content with the current progress.

Skills I learned or developed include…

  • Microsoft illustrator 
  • design layers (ideas, thoughts, creativity, etc.)
  • hot glue gun (used it before in 1st grade, hard to believe, right?)
  • trial and error (finding out what mistakes were made and fixing or improving it)
  • aggressively bending LED lights (this one is just for fun, though it included lots of determination and sTrEnGTh, don’t @ me pls)
  • quick thinking and Big brainpower (if you messed up one layer, don’t worry, paint the other side, or start over, we’re not wasting any more wood)

Something I learned about myself during this project is…

  • I’m unorganized (always am and always was; I’m like the clean chaos if that makes any sense)
  • I improvise my idea while working on it (i have come to conclude that I never follow any plans anyone had made for me, even my own)
  • I don’t contain any logical sense (who would make their train seats white and the rest of the section a depressing grey? definitely not Sydney trains)
  • I’m creative (mainly because I have the most random thought and idea traveling into my mind, but never out. name one other person that spend hours debating themselves on whether a finger on its own is alive)

Something I like to change about my lightbox is…

The entire design. I view myself as a bit of a perfectionist, and even one little aspect of the lightbox that doesn’t appeal to me, I would most likely start over and do it again. The idea of looking out a train’s window in Sydney and seeing the beautiful view of a harbor isn’t terrible, but I should have acknowledged my personal skills beforehand.

I think my work on this project relates to the real world…

Ever since my family and I got back from Australia, a place where people go to the beach at least 3 times a month, my mother was missing the usual trips to the beach or a simple harbor. We would take the typical Sydney Railway train to get there, and every time we look out from the windows, we would always see a beautiful view of the waters. I simply just wanted to recreate the moments in a lightbox, but the sea turned into a lake.

One piece of feedback I’ve gotten on my lightbox is… 

One piece of feedback I’ve received was that the lightbox has a really caring and homey feel to it like somewhere parents would take their children to.

 One piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be… 

Please try not to get distracted and start drawing multiple eyeballs on the scraps of your wood, like me. Just kidding.

have a plan that you are completely satisfied with; not too challenging and not too simple, and stick to it. I’m the type of person to improvise when constructing the project, and in the end, I wasn’t that satisfied with it as I expected myself to be.

Overall, I don’t think my lightbox was a success because…

it doesn’t resemble the purpose of the design. I made this as a memory of Australia, but it looks like some sort of twisted dimension. I changed the seat color from the real color the Sydney Railway train has, and it doesn’t look similar at all. I’ll do better next time.

“Our Stories Make History”

the video i made ended up not importing correctly, so i made a little digital edit using a family photo represented by Gacha life”



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