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Found Poem – The bass, the river and Shelia Mant

Found poem


▲ The found poem adapted from “The bass, the river and Shelia Mant” by W D Wetherell illustrates the internal conflict the protagonist endured when being forced to chose between the bass and his crush: Shelia Mant. Personally, he enjoys fishing while, on the other hand, Shelia’s opinions about it are not similar to his own; she thinks fishing is lame and pointless; two things the protagonist doesn’t want to be viewed. Yet he couldn’t help but swell up with the desire to catch the bass; it was better and more exciting than the fished he saw in the past. He was pushed to the edge of the cliff and forced to decide. There was tons of hesitation and indecisiveness described in the text as he struggled to choose. “It seemed I would be torn between longings, split in half,” As written on page four.
My choice of the background image is simple, something that matches the scenes and mood described. The picture includes a canoe floating amid a large body of water washed away by the orange glow of dusk, close to what’s written. The dazzling reflection of the dusk in the water paired up with the original sight represents how luring and desirable both his options are. He must choose whether he wants the bass in the river or Shelia on land.
The text is positioned in a special manner, too. I displayed them in a spectrum, towards the left are his desires of Shelia, and on the right are all his thoughts gravitating closer to catching the bass.
At the end of my found poem, the lines “I cut the line in half; the rod unbends. The spell she cast, was gone,” enhances the general theme of the poem. No matter how important or superior someone seems to you, your interests and opinions matter just as much as theirs. To find someone that’s truly right for you, (either platonically or romantically) there mustn’t be any need to pretend, to hide in front of them. Likewise, when he threw aside an important part of his identity for her, his feeling suddenly vanished too. Because if he could let go of something equally important to him, why can’t he let go of her?

argumentative essay reflection

  1. What you did well in your essay.

I personally think I did okay with my choices of wording.

2. What you might like to improve.

I would like to improve on the actual topic of this entire argumentative essay and finding more evidence and reasoning to back up my claims. (and citations) also the conclusion and the relationships in between the CER.

3. Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are your thoughts?

for the ‘describe the roles of political…’ section, when I looked back on my essay, I didn’t find any key points where I necessarily described or explained this part, and I still don’t understand why I didn’t get approaching.

4. What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning, and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

clearly describing my claims and reasoning, at some point, I started doubting if my claims were strong enough, and even though I have a million reasoning for this claim, I couldn’t quite describe it without sounding utterly confusing or similar.

Percy Jackson Informational Report

Judging from all of the current decisions he made, Percy is an emotionally driven person. In multiple parts of the book, he would speak the emotion he was feeling at that moment and either regrets it right after or doesn’t realize how his words affect other people, or, in some cases, both. Emotionally driven people tend to act and speak based on what emotion they feel, or the dominant emotion. Typically, their actions and words don’t fully go through their heads before they visibly express it to other people, which leads to regret some of the time.

In chapter 3, page 39, Percy showed signs of unstable emotions when talking to his mom about a sensitive subject. Topic 2 article 1; Recognizing and managing emotions, states that if a person experiences a bad memory/ies in the past, their emotions are likely to respond more strongly to a similar situation. In his case, getting expelled from multiple boarding schools and transfer to another just for the same thing to happen again.

 “‘Because you don’t want me around?’ I regretted the words as soon as they were out.

My mom’s welled with tears. She took my hand, squeezed it tight ‘Oh, Percy, no. I -I have to, honey. For your own good. I have to send you away”

In this body of text, Percy reacted strongly to something that wouldn’t really cause someone who hasn’t experienced this in the past to jump to the conclusions that quickly. As stated further back in the book, he had never stayed longer than a year in every school he went to, at this point, he half expects his mom to homeschool him instead of sending him off just for the cycle to happen another time. So, when, for the 7th time this had happened, he felt as if his mom was purposely sending him away because she doesn’t enjoy his company. Earlier in the book, Percy explained that his mother was the kindest person in the world, so what made him say those hurtful things that go both ways? His emotions.

Sudden waves of emotions can occur in the most calming and normal times in our daily lives, when nothing feels rapid and stressed except for your thoughts, which either leads to more negative thinking or straight forward but powerful emotions that make you want to cry about a small matter, or, in Percy’s case, not-so-small for him.

One of the things you need to notice about yourself is whether your words are hurtful to others as some of theirs maybe do to you. Sometimes people can’t help but think negative when nothing proves that what they are thinking is correct. A way for Percy to improve his choices and emotional control is you go against it, try to find evidence about the dark cloud in their head is correct, notice all the moments where his mom cared for him, actions that she wouldn’t do is she didn’t like her son’s company. An example is already proven in the section of text:

“My mom’s welled with tears. She took my hand, squeezed it tight”

 Why would someone reassure or get emotional about what another said if that person doesn’t care about them?

Before verbally saying your emotions, consider what might happen as a result, and how the action would make yourself, and the other feel. Would you both be happy? Or would your words ruin the happy mood and make both of you feel depressed?

“I regretted the words as soon as they were out.”

Stop and think about your words before deciding whether it’s worth coming out of your mouth. Instead of regretting it right after, give yourself a chance to think it through. When Percy spoke his thoughts out loud but ended hurting someone that he treasures the most, it’s one of the worst feelings you could experience, making the emotions two-ways.

In addition, try to find the positives at the moment with the one whom you love, as you may not have time to do it afterward when you are separated from that person. Percy and his mother were on a vacation/holiday when this conversation happened. His mother took him out for relaxation, but later in the book all that would be destroyed due to a previous choice Percy made, or, he would just we sent away any day soon.

To conclude, Percy has lots of space to improve his emotional control, his personality revolves around the ‘feeling’ side, nevertheless the fact that he is a teenager; a time where our emotions are the most unstable.


CER – what kind of person is Percy Jackson?



Stubbornness, bravery, loyalty, observant and sarcastic thinking are some of Percy Jackson’s main personality traits. He always has a unique sense of humor going on in his head (that often doesn’t make any logical sense) despite whatever situation he’s in, he often relates everything to other weird and funny situations that happened in his past. He is also very introverted as he only made one friend out of all the years, he went to all the schools.

In Chapter 5, Percy says, “If there was one thing, I had learned from living with Gabe, it was how to tell when an adult has been hitting the happy juice. If Mr. D was a stranger to alcohol, I was a satyr.” Percy immediately realized that Mr. D is alcoholic the minutes he saw him, judging from the way he looks at people, the way he acts, and his appearance. Through that, we can tell that Percy is very observant.


When Percy was having an offensive conversation with Dionysus since they obviously didn’t get along at all, and Dionysus was trying to convince that he was a god at half-blood camp:

then, “Well duh!” Percy Jackson. Did you think that I was Aphrodite, perhaps?’

‘You’re a god.’

‘Yes, child’

‘A god. You.’

He definitely did not believe him, and he made it clear to him as well as if he doesn’t want other people to change the perspective of his opinion.

When the Minotaur was going to dissolve Grover into dust like Percy’s mother, instead of running away he decided to save his best friend instead. An act of loyalty, sticking and helping the people you treasure, and putting them before yourself. in chapter 4, Percy’s train of thoughts said: “The bull-man bore down on Grover, who lay helplessly in the grass. The monster hunched over, snuffing my best friend as if he were about to lift Grover up and make him dissolve too.

I couldn’t allow that”

 Along with loyalty, Percy has shown many signs of the brave actions during the story, mostly when he was fighting the Minotaur, as one could be loyal, they have many different ways to do so, but what Percy did really highlight the trait of bravery in him.  Also in chapter 4: “As the monster barreled past, I drove the broken horn straight into his side, right up under his furry rib cage.”

His sarcastic traits are also visible in the way he (author/ Percy) described the set of events to the readers, the tone of the language he used is often humorous and sarcastic, and usually in the most serious or non-funny situations. Some text evidence from chapter 5: “The Latin teacher turned and smiled at me. His eyes had that mischievous glint they sometimes got in class when he pulled a pop quiz and made all the multiple-choice answers B.”

 He sighed. ‘And how do you feel?’

‘Like I could throw Nancy Bobofit a hundred meters.’



(my friend couldn’t review mine as she said that her head is as empty as her document)



Our Story Makes History


i’m proud of how this is set out. aside from some issues on premium version of prezi, everything else was going as planned.

welp. i guess thats all i got to say. is not like quarantine is an exciting thing…

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“Our Stories Make History”

the video i made ended up not importing correctly, so i made a little digital edit using a family photo represented by Gacha life”



how has technology influenced humans throughout history?

This post is based on the influence of technology, (as you can see), and fact about early humans and how they use their tools and weapons to survive and hunt for food.


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