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Circuits and Me #1

course reflection

The purpose of this course is to make circuits. So I made two, in total. One on a paper template and the other designed by me and also made on a piece of paper, green paper. As you probably expected, that one is more favorable than the first try as I’m really into wolfs these days or the most random animals you can think of, so rather than a card or anything similar, well mainly because no special occasions are near, I did a simple circuit + drawing. the design is simple, a male wolf head with piercing ice-blue eyes, facing the left. thick fur, bushy eyebrows, and sharp ears. the stereotypical elemental ice wolf if you know what I’m talking about. The dawning segment is EZ, so lets just all ignore the fact that I traced it, though it doesn’t have any colors, and I don’t really want a drawing that devoid of color. the circuit is just one big mess, I was going to take the high-way but the copper tape was like ‘nope’, so I guess I look the best-way in the end, doing the circuit inside of the card. before you scrunch your eyebrows in confusion, I folded the paper like a book, the front/back cover and a spine. the fact that the wold eyes does not match the position of the bulb frustrates me as well, like watching his eyebrows light up its just straight-up weird. I did this ‘card’ twice, the circuit about 5 times consisting of continuous ripping it off the paper and reattaching and replacing it with some brand-new copper tape.


Project Reflection

as I described before, I made a ‘card’ with a theme of a blue wolf, or ‘ice’ wolf if you prefer. I believe that he is a male from the shape of his head, it’s more angular than female wolfs I’ve seen before. he has large, sharp, triangle-shaped ears that point in the opposite direction of his fur. he has a coal-black nose,  and two different colors dominating his face, dark blue and white, separated by a line of black fur from the center of his face traveling horizontally. he has white, bushy eyebrows that are placed right above his ice-blue eyes on an angle. but of course, I couldn’t add most of this design’s colors in due to the circuit. I’m overall happy with the outline of the sketch, it looks like a wolf and in my opinion is only looks like a wolf. the coloring though, I was not content with, colors are an important aspect to this daring and all I added was a few stripes to the fur and one big blob of blue on the eye. I plan on coloring it before I attach the circuit as its more difficult to color once there’s a bump on your paper.


habitat thinglink


my biggest takeaway from grade 6 science is actually learning about the status of the animals. i never knew which animal is endangered and which is not, until this point

if i was to write my own report card i’d probably tell myself that all the information i gathered is true, but i could do better at categorizing my ThingLink.

i would very much want to learn about astrology 🙂

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