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Our Story Makes History


i’m proud of how this is set out. aside from some issues on premium version of prezi, everything else was going as planned.

welp. i guess thats all i got to say. is not like quarantine is an exciting thing…

if you don’t have a prezi account just click on this


prezi time lapsed

“Our Stories Make History”

the video i made ended up not importing correctly, so i made a little digital edit using a family photo represented by Gacha life”



how has technology influenced humans throughout history?

This post is based on the influence of technology, (as you can see), and fact about early humans and how they use their tools and weapons to survive and hunt for food.


Welcome to Your New Blog!

When you blog you create posts and posts are categorised according to your subject. Some categories have already been set up for you. If you need more categories you can add them as needed. It’s important that your posts have the following:

  • An engaging title – this should not include the name of the subject since this is referenced in the category.
  • Body – this is where you share your learning. This can include text, images, embedded videos from Dragons’ Tube or elsewhere. You should always consider how your post looks to your audience. Is it engaging? Do they want to keep reading?
  • Category – select one that has been set for you or add a new category. Posts can have more than one category e.g. Humanities and Myself as a Learner

Click on the images below to learn more about blogging:



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