Personal Relationships: Why be lonely?

Do you know anyone who is irritated all the time? Do they have a lot of friends? Think about this: People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. In the book “The Lightning Thief”, book 1 from Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, the main character Percy, struggles to build positive relationships in both school and at home, at the same time, is trying to keep hold of his impermanence temper. He can improve this situation by being close to ones that he already has bonded with, or show compassion for others, and spend time with ones that show empathy for him. Nice opening!

In the first three chapters of “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan, we could infer that Percy is really negative about his life. In the book, “The Lightning Thief”, the main character Percy states “Not to some jerk like Gabe” after he was half expelled half leaving Yancy, a school he was attending. He went home and had to face his stepfather, who was a gambler and a drunk. As stated in the text, Percy called his stepfather a jerk, which really isn’t a nice thing to say, especially to your own step-father. It can be seen that he didn’t build a positive relationship with his father. And at school, things aren’t going any better as it is at home “I put up with this girl named Nancy the freckly red head hitting Grover in the back of the head with chunks of peanut butter and ketchup sandwich.” (page 2) The quote is from the fairly beginning of the book, which we could tell is a horrible thing. No one likes to be bullied, and nor does Percy. Now again, Percy used a not-so-kind name “the freckly red head”. Both quotes can tell us that Percy is an impulsive, angry kid, who might not be able to control his emotions that well. But why is he such a troubled kid? Let us excavate the truth. “The support offered by a caring friend can provide a buffer against the effects of stress” In a study of over 100 people, researchers found that people who when through a stressful experienced receive faster recovery when they were reminded of people with whom they had strong relationships. Why Personal Relationships Are Important, by Mary Jo Kreitzer, RN, Ph.D., 2016Percy doesn’t really have many strong relationships built. Also according to another study done in 2012 (Having good friends can improve our well-being, especially during the holidays, adapted by Newsela employment, 2020 ), “Loneliness has long been commonly associated with depression……those with fewer satisfying social connections experienced higher levels of depression, pain, and fatigue.” Percy didn’t do well in school. He got c’s and d’s at first but then they started to slip to f’s. he was feeling cranky and irritable most times, he got into fights, and was sent to the hallways nearly every class. He didn’t have a lot of friends in school, not a lot of people that can help him go through stressful times. This led to him careless about school, grades slipping, building more negative relationships, and he kind of fell into this worsening cycle.

Even with all of the skills Percy needs to master, he isn’t lost in nowhere. Because as the book states “Her name is Sally Jackson, and she’s the best person in the world……she can make me feel good just by walking into the room” Percy’s relationship with his mother is conspicuously well. “makes me feel good just by walking into the room” shows how strong the bond is, and this is how much joy his mother brought him by simply being close. If he had bonds like this at school, maybe he won’t be so grumpy all the time. Percy could try living with his mother and maybe even could change his attitude towards life. (like he did at the end of the book) “Friends going through a tough time often need extra support during the holiday season. The best gift you can provide is empathy. Spending time together, paying attention and listening are ways to show compassion.” “states friendship expert Shasta Nelson. This is what Percy needs the most. A tinkle of empathy may loosen up the sturdy brick wall that he had built between him and others. “And yet… there were things I’d miss at Yancy. The view of the woods out my dorm window, the Hudson River in the distance, the smell of pine trees. I’d miss Grover, who’d been a good friend, even if he was a little strange. I’d miss Latin class, too-Mr. Brunner’s crazy tournament days and his faith that I could do well…… I started choking up, thinking about Grover and Mr. Brunner. Even Nancy Bobofit suddenly didn’t seem so bad.” (PAGE 34) Nancy’s relationship with Percy is corrupted, and yet Percy is feeling a longing for her. The best way to turn a quarrel into friendship is to let Nancy feel empathy and compassion for Percy and to know that he is really lonely. This way, he is building new bonds that are positive and will soothe his disordered and rather uncontrollable emotions. After creating bonds like this, Shasta Nelson again states “Making plans to spend quality time together or attending a friend’s holiday event.” This could strengthen the bonds Percy is creating, and eventually, he would be the once lonely little boy no more.

In conclusion, In the book “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan, our main character Percy, needs to build strong relations with people in school and at home, this will keep his anger at bay, while making him feel confident about his life. Empathy and compassion are two main points that will help him on the path ahead.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.”


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Our Story Makes History

“Our Stories Make History,” Unit is there for us to make something that will be counted as history in the Covid-19 times. The goal is to create sources that could be looked back at in the future times.

If you look at my Thinglink, you will see a timeline. On the top, is three journals, all from different times throughout the time. On the bottom is first a timeline of different feelings in the first few or so weeks, with a mark of 10 being really high- happy- and 0 being low and sad. Then is three articles each about different things happening. At last, is the performance project, it is just a way to be happy and spend some time doing what you want.

This primary source could be useful to a historian, or even future 6th graders, in the future because through my lens, they will see a whole different experience in the history. Not articles about who died, or which country had an outbreak, but a random, normal person’s life in the time.

Things that went well for me in this unit is probably dealing with technology, since we can not go to school, technology becomes a great tool- or only tool- but sometimes it plays the temperament. But there was always help coming from the teachers, so this was definitely something that really filled it up in the project.

Always staring at screens is not something that I would appreciate. Sometimes when using too much screen, my mind always wander off, and unable to focus.

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Dear Abby Letter: Character Conflict

Dear Abby,

We are stranded on an island, and things are getting out of control. At first, all people did was have fun, only some of the bigger kids helped us with keeping the fire going and building shelters. But not always did people do what they were told. We lost a ship once. We saw it come and go. the feeling I still remember now, so useless, and yet so angry. At that point, all of my hope crumbled. What kept me going was my friend’s warming words. I remember still now “you will be back from where you came from”. But the kids don’t think it is enough. They want to hunt more, more and more. Until. Until. One and one, the civilized boys that I remember turned into savages, they have turned into bloodthirsty monsters. They murdered my friend. they destroyed the only thread that we hang on the old world we used to live in. The savages stoled the fire, but not for making smoke, but for cooking flesh. Is the only possibility of returning home turn into dust? Every night I dream of my home, but every morning I am dragged back to reality. I can’t stand this anymore.  Please help me.

Lost in Misery

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Early Human And Us

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Cardboard Arcade reflection

– My biggest success was mimicking the flappy bird game because I think a well-themed game can really drag people’s attention because it is something that they are familiar with,  and really got to know with.

– My biggest obstacle was trying to get the image of what we want to focus on and how to improvise on flapping bird in order to make it interesting and new, yet surprisingly familiar.

– If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to change is the obstacles in the course, because it was hard and boring. I should have thought more about the player.

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Heat up!

My cup insulator was made up of a variety of materials. It’s the first layer was foil. It was for trying to trap the heat inside the mug-Even though I am not sure if it worked. The third layer was foam sheets. We chose that because We thought it was pretty thick and was looking forward to trying a little bit of every type of material, but it was impossible as later we found out, we neither have the time, nor space. So, or the last two and we ended up using pieces of bathrobe, I think that it will feel nice and look good.

One thing to be proud of is that we finished on time, changing so much. Next time, maybe I will try to plan more ahead of time, so we can really fill the time given to full length.  And I learned that cooperation works the best in group projects-when people decide on a thing together, and after go after different things at once because this doubles the speed.

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Map as Metaphor

My life is a plain, so wide, and never-ending.

My goals are Mountains, always high, and seem just out of reach.

Sprits of not giving up is rivers, even if as thin as a stream, will keep flowing

My ideas are Oasis, popping up just in time when I need them.

Books are forests, a whole different world from the outside.

My family is lakes, not as big as the ocean, but welcoming and warm.

knowledge is deserts, hard, dry, and ever-lasting.

Coasts are my passion, looking across the ocean, dreading to go further, and unfurl new things.

My friendships are Oceans, so calm and deep.

Curiosity is bays, the longing to know the beyond.

My personalities are cliffs, beautiful view, but dangerous place.

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Where I’m from Poem

In Humanities class, we wrote a poem about where we are from.  The poem we wrote was quite unique itself, because instead of just pulling thing out of your mind and write, the first thing we did was to write a list of thing found in our house, out of our house, important to us……after we did that, we take three to four thing from our list and form it into a stanza. this allows us to have more time thinking about the things we can use to make the poem sound better.  here is the poem that I wrote:


I Am from Where Moon rest and Sun Rise

By: Candy


I am from the smell of roast chicken,

wandering through the house,

from gusts of laughter,

lighting up the night sky,

and from the voice of the river,

guiding us to sleep.


I am from sprits of not giving up,

From the curiosity calling to say hello.

And the bravery daring say goodbye,


I am from where tears,

turns to laughter,

from where frowns,

turns to smiles,

and from where dreams turn to reality.


I am from where trees listen,

flowers smile,

and grass dances with the slow wind.


I am the chatters of Milly,

and the muttering of Keeley before sleep.

I am from “明日复明日, 明日何其多”

and  “求人不如求己”

and from pens,

dancing gracefully in to lighten stage of papers.


I am from the where moon rest,

and sun rise,

from the first ray of the light,

to the last star hanging in the sky,

I am from the first sight green in spring,

to the last leaf that lingering in autumn.

This is where I am from,


but at the same time perfect.

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Water Filter Design

Engineering is important because it solves problems that, and help us improve our daily life.

Our challenge was to design something that can filter and clean water, so that if we are stranded on a deserted island, we can use the limited resource we have, to make, and drink safe water.

I choose the design because I think that it is easy for us to filter water with a container, so I put all the materials in the container.

With that design, you just have to pour the water in the container and wait for it to come out.

I think my design was quite successful, because even though the water wasn’t that transparent, but there was no dirt in the water that we filtered, and so I think it is quite drinkable.

The thing I might change in my apparatus if I the opportunity was to use different materials, I would add sponges if it is available, and not use cotton since it would soak up a whole bunch of water, and not filter anymore.

I think our redesign wasn’t really that much better than the first one, but it is still better.

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How do I Feel About Middle School?

I love Middle school because I love the people that I work with, my wonderful friends, I love Middle school because of all the kindness spread around the school!

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