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Humanism in the Renaissance


carina 設計的 Blue and Gray Clean and Simple Infographic,%2C%2015th%2C%20and%2016th%20centuries.&text=During%20the%20Renaissance%20period%20most,to%20do%20away%20with%20it.

Found poem (Thank you Ma’m)

I put the purse picture as the purse was the start of the story and the conflict. I put the open door picture as it plays an important role of the story, the boy was constantly looking at the door, deciding if he should be trying to escape or to stay. He wanted to escape as fast as he could at the start of the story, however, slowly after the boy got to know the woman he decided to stay. The image is in black and white as the boy’s life and situation is pretty gloomy, He doesn’t have enough money to buy a pair of shoes and has no parents at home. It is also very likely that he had not ate for some time. It is an internal conflict of the boy thinking if he should escape from the woman after the woman dragged him into her house because he was trying to steal from him. I used words like, if I let you loose, will you run, yes to show the conflict inside the boy’s mind.I also put thank you ma’m at the end showing that the boy has ended the conflict in his head and was very grateful for the woman.

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