Design Light Box

In product design, we had to create a lightbox of a special place that we had been to. My place was my lakeside in Florida. This project was very challenging because he had to do it online during the coronavirus outbreak in Beijing. Using new software like abobe was challenging at first but Brady helped me out with creating my layers. After we returned to school it was a lot easier to work through problems with Mr layman than working alone.

I really enjoyed this project I would give it a 7 because we got to learn a new software which was fun. I also liked how easy it was to make a new layer after you learned. I wish I would have made two more layers so I could have a more complex light box, but im happy with how mine turned out. I’m not sure how the project would be doing it again becasue i felt like we had to move slowy becasue of the outbreak. I really liked doing this project mostly becasue we got to make and keep something.

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Emotions Are Tricky

Percy Jackson was raised as an only child, fatherless, and very lonely. Percy had many problems as a student at Yancy Academy, he struggled to earn respect from teachers, classmates, and especially his god-awful stepdad Gabe. His AD-HD and dyslexia were always getting in the way. He had always had a very short fuse and he would scream “will you shut up?!?!” at Nancy Bobofit and think “I tried to stay cool, the school counselor had told me a million times”.

Multiple articles say there is a special school that Percy could have gone to that could have taught him how to deal with his AD-HD they also talk about how “Emotion is not consciously controlled” so Percy had double trouble controlling his witch would be remarkably difficult.

Percy didn’t have many friends, only Grover, his mom, and Mr. Brunner who understood Percy troubles. But even Mr. Brunner gave up on Percy when he left Yancy and ran away with Grover. At home, Percy would get yelled at by his dad “I gritted my teeth” and “I felt angry at my father”. One of the articles said “Emotions can be closely linked to value” which really reflects his family relationships, especially with Gabe. Percy struggles to control his emotions, excises like practicing patients and self-control could really help Percy grow his fuse longer.


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My 6th grade reflection

I really enjoy my 6th grade experience. It was crazy for the 2nd half but I learned a great work ethic and I got better at technology. The school I went to before was only 400 kids and a private school so it was fun to see a big school with lots of different people for different countries. My favorite part was that there was so much to do and experience at ISB. I liked 6th grade overall.

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Science Ecosystem Thinglink



1.) My biggest take away from science is that science can be really fun and still learn.


2.) if I were to write a comment on my report card it would be to study more than 30 minutes a night.


3.) I will work on writing more on  blogs.



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My Coronavirus Thinglink   Click the link to get to my thinglink.

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Early Humans and Us

This is my project in humanities about the weapons changing over time.

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Grade 6 cardboard design blog post

In 6th grade design we had to come up with a cardboard arcade game. We had to make for a group of 4th grader. Mr. layman gave everyone a partner, after  some intense brainstorming we came up with this. A state of the art basketball game with hours of hard core designing and  the physical manifestation of my cerebral musings in my head on paper. Are brilliant plot faced insane challenges only the top 5% could solve , like the reduce the amount of scolding hot adhesive to hold are plan together, we had to attempted many tip and trick to reduce the amount like folding cardboard to keep it more stable. If I could substitution one thing I would desire to create my game more eye catching with more vibrant colors to make make attractive for the the 4th grade. Overall, I think this product was successful because we had lots of joyful children playing are excellent game. I had lots fun in design and would love to do it again.

This is a side view

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My first draft was not the best, but it defitliy got better. I stared out with a narrative that was very messy with a  lot of mistakes. I learned lots of new and better types of punctuation and gammer to help us with are narratives like dashes. I changed my story, from the first draft from when I got lost at universal theme parks too a water skiing accent. I feel like I made a pretty good story with lot of dialogue and that is actioned packed. I fell happy about my narrative.

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where I am from poem for humanities

My where I am  from poem for humanities.


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Water Filter Design Project

In science class we were given the challenge that we were on a desert island.  But the only clean water was infected with dirt and bacteria.  We had to make a clean water we could drink some items were plastic cups, coke bottles,ruber bands and some different types of cloth. I was paired up with Maximo to make a filter are first idea was a tube with cotton ball,cotten, and an iron grid at both sides. it did not work so we a cup with rocks and a strip of cloth that run in to an UV pipe but it could be better if we did it again I would use a UV pipe not a paper towel roll. But I was pretty proud of the last bit of water clean we got. In conclusion it is imported to do engineering challenges so you can learn and grow in science.

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