Found Poem


My found poem is based off the words of Norma Fox Mazer in the story “Tuesday of the Other June”. The conflict in the found poem was the Other June (antagonist) bullying June (protagonist). When June joined a new swimming class, she found out that there was another girl with the same name as her (the Other June). The Other June was not happy at all about them sharing a name and started bullying June and gave her insulting nicknames. June did not like the Other June’s bullying, but her mum told her to not get into trouble. In June’s opinion, fighting back would cause her trouble so she took in the Other June’s bullying silently. I used short phrases where it showed the Other June physically bullying June, words such as punch and pinch are verbs that showed the physical aspect of the Other June’s bullying (“The other June shoved me into the pool.”). I also included a phrase about June’s internal struggles, Character vs self, (“I didn’t know what to do.”). This showed that the Other June was torturing June both mentally and physically which was a major external conflict between the two characters (character vs character) and an internal conflict showed June struggling to decide whether she should put up with the Other June’s bullying or fight back. Towards the end of the poem the conflict was resolved through the falling action. June’s mother decided that they were going to move to a new place where she found a better job and June finally escaped the Other June. The last two sentences showed June’s excitement about leaving the Other June, (I ran past her, singing, “Goodbye…goodbye…goodbye, good riddance to bad trash!”). The last sentence summed the whole poem up and, in the end, June escaped the Other June, both internal and external conflict was resolved. The background of the swimming pool indicated the setting and the two signs on top signified the Other June pushing June into the pool when she was not meant to and bullying June when she shouldn’t.