This is the journal of a soldier in Batista’s (Cuban president during the Cuban Revolution) army during the Cuban Revolution, He recorded the entire revolution from 1956 to 1958. He witnessed the fall of a dictator and the success of a rebel group led by a man named Castro. Cuba went from a country ruled under dictatorship to a communist country. The U.S was actively involved and its relationship with Cuba took many turns during the revolution. In the end, the U.S did not treat Cuba as their place for entertainment or their ‘playground’ anymore. The revolution was successful and Castro improved many things, but rebels continuously tried to overthrow Castro’s government just like the M-26-7, Castro’s rebel group, tried to overthrow Batista’s government. This revolution is simple yet very interesting, it is definitely an important part of history because many powerful countries at that time such as the U.S, China, and the USSR were involved. And it has much useful information in it such as Guerrilla Warfare. All the details about the revolution from the perspective of a soldier can be found above in the journal of Ernesto Fredrick.