"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Essay reflection

a. what I wrote well is writing about opposite side, and used specific reason.

b.  I want to improve my conclusion. Because it  has to be a summary of essay and end. Also it has to be at least 5. But I wrote only 3lines.

c. My checking was Ap6, Met2. Ms. Rivera checked 5Ap, 3Met. I didn’t know about checking myself well. So, I thought it might be very different with teacher’s checking. When I saw it, i was glad.

d. I can’t say this I overcame it. Because Mr. Trev and Ms. Rivera helped me a lot. Mr. Trev let me know how to find a good reason, and Ms. Rivera let me know how to do all of these. What I overcame is only hearing and copied the way of Mr. Trev’s.


Percy Jackson Informational Blog

At first of story, There’s part of bad situation.

In museum, Percy is asked by Mr. Brunner. Mr. Brunner said, Do you know Percy? It’s very similar with your name. And behind the Chiron, there was carving that Poseidon is fighting.

Above this carving, there was answer! Percy said the answer and it was right.

Mrs. Dodd called Percy Jackson. And Percy followed Mrs. Dodd deeply. Mrs. Dodd went to high very fast. So, Percy is surprised and asked. How did you get there? Mrs. Dodd is changed to monster and said, “Where is lightning!” Percy is surprised again and run. But, he is caught but Mr. Brunner came and helped him. By the sword that be given from Mr. Brunner, Percy killed the monster.


By this happening, the first thing that damaged is Percy. Because, suddenly teacher is changed to monster and caught him. Second thing is museum Because, When he kill the monster, strange liquid might come out. They have to wash it. Third thing is students. Because, Mr. Brunner went there while explaining them Myth. So, It might be a bad field trip for students.


I want to advise him in article “Recognizing and Managing Emotion”, ”New ways to think about ADHD”. In article 1, It says but others also have emotions. At the same time as being aware of your own feelings, you also need to be aware of those of others.

When he can’t solve the problem. It can be good to remind. In article 2, it says “children and teens practices new ways to react when they feel distracted and fidgety. ” You can try this too.

Percy Jackson

I cant tell you Percy Jackson’s characteristic is exactly what. But I think Percy Jackson is brave, and polite. The why that I think Percy Jackson is brave and polite is it was first time to see a monster, but he fought and killed Mr. Dodd. The way to demigod camp, car was broken!

So, they ran. But Half goat Half human Minotaur followed them. They ran faster but Minotaur was goat. So, they couldn’t run away! In front of demigod camp, Percy’s mom is caught by Minotaur. So, Percy held the sword looks like a pen. He would kill Minotaur, But, after seeing Minotaur’s horn, He held it and he killed Minotaur by its horn. It’s reasons that Percy Jackson is brave. Second, polite. When Percy got up in the bed after stunning, he said Where is mom?

Did she really die? When I saw this, I thought Percy’s mom gave much love to Percy, and Percy loves his mother too. So, I think Percy Jackson is brave and polite.

Gr 6 Science-Ocean Habitat

Something I liked about grade 6 science is teacher because she was kind and she helped me.

Something I want to do grade 7 science is doing more experiments.

The process of making dalgona coffee, and beef red pepper paste

These are dalgona coffee, and beef red pepper paste I made.

The process of making dalgona coffee, and beef red pepper paste

These are dalgona coffee, and beef red pepper paste I made.

The process of making dalgona coffee, and beef red pepper paste

These are dalgona coffee, and beef red pepper paste I made.



Making dalgona coffee



This is coffee I made for my humanities project.

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