"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Review my argumentative essay.

I think i did well in looking into the informations that i had to find, ran through the details and wrote a short intro.  But I might improve where i found the informations from which articles. I marked myself in conclusion because it wasn’t clean.  Planning essay was quite hard to me because 1 year ago, i missed out planning and i directly wrote an essay.

Percy Jackson informative blog

In chapter 1 in page 3, Nancy threw a peanut sand which to Percy’s friend, Grover. And Percy felt annoy and a bit sad because Grover was only his friend and the best friend to him. Percy wanted to hit Nancy, but Grover consoled Percy not to make a huge fight cause, of him. Nancy’s ugly friends laughed at him.

Grover was an easy target to others. Because he looked weak and he walked silly. Nancy had a bad conscious and she liked to kid others.

I think Percy was very really a good kid but maybe he didn’t know how to control his motion, so his relationship was not so good.

Before he tells someone, give himself a chance to think. And say persons be kindly.


Another accident on chapter 2 page 21, Mr. Brunner and Grover were talking about Percy. And they were very serious and worried him like he was in a danger or a problem. One part of thier talking, Grover said “I don’t want to fail again.”. But Percy was behind the door and he heard what they talked so he just automatically dropped his book…… And Percy asked Grover with angry.

In this scene Grover was nervous and confuse. When I read this scene, I could feel Percy’s feeling Percy like curious, anxious and a bit revenge of Grover.

I think to manage emotions firstly, consider the decision against his values,  be grateful and don’t give in to negative thinking.



I think Percy is brave and has a courage, because in chapter 1 Percy helped his friend, Grover while he was in a danger and also when Percy was in a trouble, he didn’t feel so sad and tried to solve it. When Percy was trying to go Half-blood campus, a monster tried to kill Percy, his mom and Grover. But after his mum was died (actually she was gone) by the monster Percy killed the monster and helped Grover to escape from the monster. So that’s why I think Percy is brave and has a courage in his mind.

I also think Percy felt confuse because Percy’s mother kept secrets to Percy.  And in the chapter 5 after Percy got up, Percy told Grover about his dream, he drank a cup of juice ad then Grover asked him what taste like. Percy answered it tasted like his mum’s chocolate chips- home made, then Grover said that’s really good. So that’s why I think it’s pretty curious .

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