Questions for lip balm trial 1:                                                                                           Cindy


Is the texture good?

Does the scent smell good or too strong?

What should I change about it?


Lilian                             Chole                          Sister                                             Tanya


Too hard.                        Yes                            Yes, a little bit hard though       Too hard

The scent is good.       Its good                      I like the smell                             Good

Make it softer              Maybe too hard        Add more scent                           Don’t spill it next time





Kind of hard but nice texture

The scent is perfect

Make more, don’t spill it





To improve my trial one, next time I should add more coconut oil to make it softer because right now its very hard . Also next time I should be more careful when pouring the lip balm in the tube because I spilt it , so there’s only a little bit of lip balm .


Im not changing the process btw




  1. 38g Beeswax Pellets. 42.80
  2. 01g Shea Butter. 28.80
  3. 93g Coconut oil 60.0
  4. 2-3 drops Essential Oil = 15g




  1. Weigh the 1.38g of beeswax and 1.01g of shea butter on the electronic balance
  2. Pour them into the beaker
  3. Place the beaker onto the hot plate
  4. Put the heat on low and slowly stir it until it stops bubbling
  5. Remove the beaker from the hot plate
  6. Pour in 1.93g of coconut oil
  7. Next drop 2-3 drops of essential oil for flavor
  8. Chill for a few seconds
  9. Pour into the lip balm mold
  10. Then you wait
  11. Done

Pictures with my lip balm 1 ✌️😃