Lip balm Trial 2     Cindy


Is the texture good?

Does the scent smell good or too strong?

What should I change about it?



Tanya                          Lilian


Yes                              A little hard

Good, I like lemon   Too strong

Change a scent         Don’t dump essential oil in your lip balm and add more shea butter



Mom                                                  Maddie                                       Sister


Yes                                                     Softer than your first one       Yes

A little strong                                   Good smell                                Yes, lemon smells good

Next time add less scent               Don’t forget to add scent in   Nothing 😀




Ok, so I might have forgot to put essential oils RIGHT AFTER the wax and oil was melted. Therefore, it has no smell and there was a lockdown when I had already poured the mixture in, so I didn’t get to put essential oil in. Then I WANTED to drop A FEW drops in after it was solid (BAD IDEA) and I dropped like 10 drops in by accident  but I poured some out. Now there is smell on the tip of the lip balm and none on the rest. Next time, I should look at the instructions carefully. I would change a scent for my trial 3 because I’ve been using lemon every time.




After recipe           Before recipe


  1.  1.35 1.38g Beeswax Pellets. 42.80
  2.  1.07 1.01g Shea Butter. 28.80 30.00
  3.  0.93g Coconut oil 60.0
  4.  2-3 drops Essential Oil = 0.15g


divided by 28




  1. Weigh the 1.35g of beeswax and 1.07g of shea butter on the electronic balance
  2. Pour in 1.93g of coconut oil
  3. Place the beaker onto the hot plate
  4. Put the heat on low and slowly stir it until it stops bubbling
  5. Remove the beaker from the hot plate
  6. Next drop 2-3 drops of essential oil for flavor
  7. Chill for a few seconds
  8. Pour into the lip balm mold
  9. Then you wait