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Book talk The Sun Is Also A Star Cindy


This is a book talk about the book, the sun is also a star. I talk about theme, characters and quotes. The theme of this story is love can happen no matter who you are or where you are, as long as you’re meant to be. The main characters are Daniel and Natasha and this book writes in both their perspectives.


The sun is also a star Cindy Book talk

The sun is also a star

Theme statement: Love can happen no matter who you are and where you are as long as you’re meant to be.

humanism infographic Cindy 8-5

Task: Create an infographic about the elements of humanism and explain how they effect the renaissance. Then rate how much you agree with each point 1-5, 1 being disagree and 5 being agree.

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The last kiss found poem Cindy

idk why its so blurry.

“The Last Kiss” by Ralph Felcther

This is my found poem. It is an external story, character vs character. It is about a kid getting a good night kiss every day, but one day his dad stopped kissing him and he is sad. My drawing represents the conflict of the story because I drew a dad and a child, and the child looks disappointed while the dad looks at him. As if the dad is drifting away from him slowly. My poem represents the conflict because I highlighted everything the kid was doing and thinking, he thought that maybe his dad will give him a kiss. You can see what is going on in his mind. But his dad didn’t and I highlighted his dad saying goodnight with no kiss, then the kid felt awkward.

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