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Capstone Project

Ocean Pollution  


What is ocean pollution? 

Everyone knows about pollution on Earth and what it could do to humans. There are two types of pollution, one of them is land pollution and the second one is ocean pollution. Land pollution is what we deal with most of the time, but ocean pollution is just as important. Under the seas, there is a world of filth, where creatures are affected by garbage every day. According to Krosofsky, 1 million animals died due to consuming plastic in each year. Still, a lot of people do not realize how we, ourselves, trashed the Earth. That is why an SDG goal was created, called Life Below Water.


Why is it important? 

Animals on land consume trash everyday along with animals underwater. A clean ocean is especially important to humans and animals because some places don’t have a good water filter system like Africa, according to Xiaoxiao Huo if people drink polluted water, it can lead to weakening teeth and bones and health problems (Cindy). To drink and use clean, fresh water, the oceans need to be clean. The ocean provides us with food, water, and oxygen, those are three main factors we need to survive. 97% of water on earth comes from oceans and 99% of living space by volume and according to a staff writer, there are over 1 million living species classified by scientists living underwater. 

Animals see trash as food they can eat, turtles mistaken plastic bags with jellyfish (Duncan). 34 dead turtles were found on the beaches of Cyprus, and one had 183 pieces of plastic found in them. Think about your favorite lobster restaurant you always go to, you would not want it to close because the lobsters are poisoned, would you? That is why we need to do something about the environment underwater to protect all living species, including us.

Jellyfish that looks like plastic bag.

What caused it and what was the effect? 

We use plastic every day without realizing because its become such a common thing but we do not realize where all our plastics go after we throw them away. After we throw away our trash, a garbage truck takes it and sends it to the ocean to deposit. Plastic waste cannot be burnt easily, therefore, it gets dumped into the ocean or buried underground, where it eventually gets deposited into the ocean as well. 

According to Xiaoxiao Huo ocean pollution could also be caused by Natural disasters (Cindy). Something we cannot control is when an Earthquake or tornado happens. Little to large pieces of land or trash break and fall into the ocean causing piles of objects floating around in the ocean. Because of these problems, animals underwater often mistake trash for food. They eat it and it gets stuck in them, leading to death. 

Another reason is exploding tubes of toxic liquid or oil spilling into the ocean and spreading out. Remains of factories will be sent somewhere but in the middle of that, the tube will be damaged and cut open, leading to large amounts of liquid pouring out into the ocean.

A polluted ocean could also cause job loss for Fishermen and more jobs involving the ocean

. Before, fishermen would make $40-$100 off fish but now they struggle to even catch $4-$7 worth of fish and sometimes 0 (Luck). “I am just a man trying to makean honest living from the only thing I know – the ocean,” (Luck). 

Trash floating in the ocean.

What can we do to help?

Some people are already helping with this problem and here’s what they do. Obviously, we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening and it is hard to keep all tubes from around the world from bursting, but we can prevent our daily use of materials, specifically plastic. To stop the use of too many plastic products, we could replace them with other materials that are easier to burn. Instead of plastic bottles, bags, straws, we could use paper cups, bags, straws. You could use glass and metal supplies as well. Because of these small changes, we could avoid animals dying and ocean pollution, even if it seems like nothing.

There’s an organization called Seas and it’s where you donate a dollar, a pound of trash gets removed from the ocean by volunteers and workers. They’ve cleaned up $32,749,052  worth of trash in the oceans of America already. This organization is great because for a low price, you could clean a lot of trash from the ocean without even being there. If you want to help save the seas yourself, you could go to your nearest beach and pick up garbage on the shores or in the shallow parts of the sea. You could also join the Team Seas organization to pick up garbage with many people. This could help so much if everyone contributed a little bit of their time.

It seems like nothing if you use a paper straw instead of a plastic straw, but what it can do is amazing. The ocean needs saving for the reasons above and people are already helping to save the environment, consider these points and maybe you can start today.


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Xiaoxiao Huo, interviewed by Cindy, May 21th 2022

American Journal Cindy 8-5

This journal is written from a created perspective in the revolution. We had to include historical facts along with narrative dialog and small events. The character we made was supposed to be either be involved or heard about the main events in the timeline. We had to write 1200-1800 words, heres my journal.


Quiet Power Notes Cindy 8-5

Quiet Power by Susan Cain is a historical fiction about introversion struggles and how to take advantage of being quiet. This book is written from an interview with the introverts around the world to see their perspectives and to understand what they face daily. It gives tips as well as examples from real life situations in mini stories.


Central ideas: Be yourself, introverts could also be leaders and the benefits, stepping out of your comfort zone.

Faking a personality or identity can lead to consequences, as you can see on pg 79-81. Another central i idea i came across was introverts could also become leaders on pg 66-69, they have their own qualities that make them unique. The Third central idea is stepping out of your comfort zone, this can be hard but the authors shows how to do that on pg 230-231.


Book talk The Sun Is Also A Star Cindy


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The sun is also a star Cindy Book talk

The sun is also a star

Theme statement: Love can happen no matter who you are and where you are as long as you’re meant to be.

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idk why its so blurry.

“The Last Kiss” by Ralph Felcther

This is my found poem. It is an external story, character vs character. It is about a kid getting a good night kiss every day, but one day his dad stopped kissing him and he is sad. My drawing represents the conflict of the story because I drew a dad and a child, and the child looks disappointed while the dad looks at him. As if the dad is drifting away from him slowly. My poem represents the conflict because I highlighted everything the kid was doing and thinking, he thought that maybe his dad will give him a kiss. You can see what is going on in his mind. But his dad didn’t and I highlighted his dad saying goodnight with no kiss, then the kid felt awkward.

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