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Argumentative essay reflection

I think I did well on putting claim and evidence together and I need to improve giving credit to owner of my evidences.                     I marked on lower grade for L7.3 and I feel good because I did better than I thought.

The biggest challenge for planning is that I couldn’t find enough evidence for claim. At that moment, I was using only one resource, I tried other to resources and found much helpful evidences.

Percy Jackson blog post assessment

In pg. 17, Percy Jackson thought himself, “ I was homesick. I wanted to be with my mom in our little apartment on the Upper East Side, even if I had to go to public school and put up with my obnoxious stepfather and his stupid poker parties,” and choose to go home with Grover.

When he got his home, he met her mother and stepfather, who Percy calls smelly Gabe, and Percy’s mother plan to go trip to the beach, but they had car accident in chapter3, and the car almost exploded. Percy, his mother, and Grover get out of the car, and tried to ask for help, but they confronted with minotaur which is half man, half bull monster. Finally, Percy’s mother get caught by the minotaur, and she had gone. If he didn’t go home, he wouldn’t see his mother, but he couldn’t meet his stepfather, no car accident, and they wouldn’t attack by the monster(minotaur).

I think Percy decide something easily by his emotion, this time, he decided to go home because of emotion that he wants to see his mother, even Grover warn him that something bad is going to happen, and he already attack by monster, Mrs. Dodds, and if I was Percy, I could think that ‘maybe monsters can attack me again while I am at home.’ So I wants to give Percy some advice to control emotion before you decide something to do. First, stop before you decide, to give yourself a chance to think. Second, think what can be happen after you do what you want to do. Finally, consider what would happen if everyone were to take the same action. If this would be a disaster, then probably best not to do it. These are some tips from the article that I read. These worked very well at me, so I persuade you to try too.

What kind of person is Percy Jackson

In the book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, the main character Percy Jackson is a boy who really loves his mother. For example, on pg. 29, Percy said that she is the best person in the world. Also, on pg. 50, Percy wanted to escape with his mom even though she told him to run. And finally, on pg. 59, Percy said, “Is my mom really…..” This sentence tells us that he cannot believe that his mom is gone. This texts makes me think that he admires this mother and really wanted to stay with her.


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