The poem can also can be understand/read as “if you are norma will  your moral be outcome by greed or curiosity” . The drawing i did is trying to show how norma is “controlled” by the willing for a better life causing her to press the button.There is a personification on slip beneath because your moral cannot literally slip underneath greed and curiosity .Only human can do it.the story is about the conflict of men vs society. Moral is the society or ourself restricting ourselves from doing things that will harm other’s benefit. On the other hand, greed and curiosity are both a part of humanity which lead to harm other to benefit yourself. The story’s main conflict is all about will restriction of society/moral be able to stop the main character-norma’s curiosity, greed and the want of a better life.The story’s theme is” don’t let money get the best of you” which will make you do thing that you will regret.

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