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book talk “Ghost” by Jason Reynald

The book follows Castle “Ghost” Cranshaw, a young boy with a desire to be part of his school’s track team. However, his home life is difficult as he deals with an abusive father who attempted to kill him and his mother. So ghost move to live with his mom.  and he join the running track team.

My poem is based on the short story named  “Button, Button” by  Richard Matheson. In this poem, it showed that the main character Norma was fighting with her husband Arthur. The wife and husband can choose to press a button, which will give them fifty thousand dollars, but people they don’t know will die. This has had a great negative impact on them. Norma wanted to push it, but Arthur disagreed. Arthur couldn’t believe his wife would think so. He thought, “Murder someone?”. Norma and Arthur had a very difficult time together, always arguing about it. In the end, Norma pushed the button. Although she got $50,000, but his husband died by a subway crash. At the end of the poem , Mr. Stewart said a meaningful sentence:”Do you really think you know your husband?”

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