Managing Emotions

How Percy struggles in controlling his emotions and how he can solve it

Emotion is a thing that humans have naturally. And just as it is caused by many different things it also affects people in many different ways. Almost everyone has found trouble controlling their emotions before, especially during certain periods of constant stress, anxiety, and failure. In the book, The Lightning Thief, Percy constantly struggles to control his emotions at school, as it had led to incorrect and unwise actions that often got him into serious trouble.

From Percy’s conversations with other people and his resulting actions, we can conclude that his temper is overwhelming him. He gets into a lot of fights and arguments with Nancy Bobofit and her friends and almost every time, it ends as Percy is sent into the corridors and put into detention.

“’Will myou shut up?!?! – it came out louder than I meant.” (pg5)

Raging, he insists Nancy to stop messing around on the school bus, annoying his best friend Grover. However, his loud and unpleasant words were heard by everyone. This part of the story shows that Percy doesn’t consider his actions/words and releases them even before thinking about it and that he’s unthoughtful of other people and harms them with strong words.

“’Because you don’t want me around?’ I regretted the words as soon as they were out.”

This quote was said by Percy when he and his mom were having a personal time at the Long Island beach. Percy hates being sent away to new boarding schools by his mom every time he is expelled from the previous one. He desires to stay with his mother and doesn’t understand the ‘danger’ his mom is talking about. However, his words seriously hurt his mother and harmed her feelings. Obviously, Percy didn’t think before his actions, again.

Fortunately, Percy’s problem of controlling his emotions can be improved in many ways.

According to SkillsYouNeed, “For example, you might ask yourself some questions about possible courses of action, like:

  • How do I feel about this situation?
  • What do I think I should do about it?
  • What effect would that have for me and for other people?
  • Does this action fit with my values?
  • If not, what else could I do that might fit better?
  • Is there anyone else that I could ask about this who might help me?”

This part of the article (Recognising and Managing Emotions) shows that considering before acting can help you understand your choices and make the best decision. Think before you act, and perhaps you would realize that what you were about to do isn’t the best option!

“You can choose how you feel.” –Anon.

Keep doing positive, kind, helpful and encouraging actions to also maintain positive emotions/attitude yourself. Exercise, help other people out, be grateful, do what you like to do, and notice the good things in your life are things you can do to make yourself feel better. If Percy was to look at the bright side of this world and attempt to make himself feel better, then perhaps his grades would have been better and less emotion eruptions would have occurred.

“I know,” I grumbled. “A month erasing workbooks.” (pg10)

During the field trip, Nancy Bobofit fell on the ground and told Mrs. Dodds that Percy had pushed her. However, it was really the water that had somehow grabbed her and threw her on the floor. Though, Percy had already been through so much unfairness that he didn’t even protest himself. Instead of raging and insisting that Nancy had lied, he had just let it be and automatically went with Mrs. Dodds for detention. This shows how Percy was actually starting to control his emotions. Good! He knew nothing would change even though he was to defend himself, so, therefore, he didn’t say anything and just went along with it.

In conclusion, if Percy could consider his actions/words before doing, he would definitely be viewed as a more respectful person and make more friends. Also, if he was to keep a positive attitude and maintain his emotions to be well, his grades would surely be better and teachers would have a better impression of him.


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Our Stories Make History–Kept Inside

This is my Our Stories Make History Project. So so sorry it’s such a late hand-in. I finished it by May 3rd but forgot to hand it in all this time.

Reflection: Our stories make history unit has been really interesting. Being able to record my thoughts, days and life within this huge pandemic has been very cool and awesome. I can’t imagine how people later can find my journals and other work as primary sources. In my project I have included most of my unit’s main work. I designed my project in an horizontal way and gave it this style because I thought it was kind of old-fashioned, and I like that, since it’s our stories make HISTORY. I organized my work by sections of the same mini-projects. This might be helpful to them on understanding the past life of a 6th grader within the coronavirus time. They’ll learn that it’s really boring, lol. I am proud that I learnt a lot about journaling. I did find keeping up my work very challenging within this time period.

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into the new era. Humanities Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel. Right here, this is my graphic novel. It’s a link.

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Science Habitat Mini Project Thinglink

This is my thinglink project.

  1. My biggest take away from 6th grade science is the skateboard park and other PHET games about energy.
  2. If I was to write down my own comment ont he report card, I would say: Daniel has been participating so so so so so so enthusiastically in Science class, he is so awesome at science that he is thought to be the modern newton. Jk. I guess throughout the year, Science has in fact been the most relaxing class for me. Science was really fun, and I did in fact try to participate the most, in phet tasks, in experiments, etc. I feel pretty confident in analyzing data and constructing scientific explanations, but not that confident in making models.
  3. I would like to work on physics and theories of past people about the universe.
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Humanities Project–Card Tower

This is the video of my humanities project-card towers
Click here


Unfortunately, Mr. Hinton’s way didn’t work.

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Early Human Project–Diet

For this topic, I chose to do the diet change of human history. I think I had plenty of awesome information on my two infographics and video, however, it took a lot more time than I have imagined. So, if I would do this again, I would take care of my time management and work faster.  I had to rush my video in order to keep it in time, so some pronunciation and information haven’t been given correctly. Next time, I will try to compress my script, simplify it until it is simple enough.



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Cardboard Arcade Design

  • If I did this again, one thing I’d like to change is to create more wooden ships instead of caps. Firstly because it would look a lot cooler, secondly because taking a marker’s cap off will make its ink dry out. Since we only had one ship, we can’t really play the game with ships as targets.
  • One thing I would like to change is to make the ships’ powers even. Some ships were better than others, faster, more accurate, easier to use. That is because the angle of muzzle is different for every ship, which effects its power.
  • My biggest obstacle was finishing the arcade in time. Me and my partner Petrina hurried a lot while making it, because the turrets were really complicated.
  • My biggest success was that the 4th graders actually enjoyed it very much! A lot of boys and girls came to our game and some even brought others to play!
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I am a…

In humanities, we are asked draw a portrait of our cartooned selves and then add an identity statement in the picture.

I am an extraordinary gamer. Yay!

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Welcome to Your New Blog!

When you blog you create posts and posts are categorised according to your subject. Some categories have already been set up for you. If you need more categories you can add them as needed. It’s important that your posts have the following:

  • An engaging title – this should not include the name of the subject since this is referenced in the category.
  • Body – this is where you share your learning. This can include text, images, embedded videos from Dragons’ Tube or elsewhere. You should always consider how your post looks to your audience. Is it engaging? Do they want to keep reading?
  • Category – select one that has been set for you or add a new category. Posts can have more than one category e.g. Humanities and Myself as a Learner

Click on the images below to learn more about blogging:



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