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Our Stories Make History

Here is My Sway

I organized my sway to be like this: Collage, 6 Word Memoir, 1st journal entry, Noodle tools citation, 2nd journal entry, recorded audio of a selected journal, Performance/Project, Emotional Timeline, 3rd journal entry.

First is the collage because I want them to know more about the author like in some books there is an about the author page. So I wanted to let the reader know me more in this situation. The second one is the 6 Word Memoir because I want other people know what is going on in the world and then I stick a journal entry in there as what I’m feeling being stuck in the apartment district. Next is my Noodle tools citations, because now they know me, the reader has to know the world. The 2nd journal entry is next because this entry is about swimming just to get some fun in there not like a boring announcement, and to say that you don’t have to be bored at your house, you can go out sometimes too. The recording is for the 2nd journal entry so I want it to be together. I wrote a poem about COVID 19 and recorded it. Next is my timeline because it’s what I did in the hard times of the COVID 19. Last is the 3rd journal entry is how I got in the apartment in the first place.

(the journal entry is in there/ the one with the recording)


  1. I like how you explained how you organized your projects in the final project, instead of doing it in chronological order you decided to do it in your own unique way.

    I do agree and feel the same about being t home, there is always something you can do, you can stare at a screen, you can stare at a paper, you can make something, there really is no limit.

    When you were creating this ‘source’ for others, did you consider making it more specific and try to connect your feelings to others?

  2. Compliment:I your sway document is really organized
    Connection: I also see people wearing masks everywhere
    Compliment: I also like how designed your sway presentation

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